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JioGigaFiber has been announced today and mind you its amazing.  The way RIL is going big bang and if its implemented, India would be the smartest country in the world.  Also imagine the employment it would create and we will have lot of IOT (Internet Of Things) Field Engineer or Technician who will troubleshoot, fix and will have AMC for Jio IOT Products.

The opportunity is so huge that its would be mind blowing and will be a existing journey for India in the new technology phase .

  • First Enable 4G Connectivity
  • Make users get used to Cheap Data and hang og Online World / Digital World
  • Make users to consume the content from the same service provider which means though there is no data charges, Jio is making the money through the content and the advertisement
  • Now with the JioGigaFiber, entire ecosystem of mobile, IoT, Content, Communication and everything would be bundled up and become depended on JIO
  • There would be many strategy in terms of user acquisitions and also user retention which is yet to be know

Its very evident that any of the current service provider has not been able to think such big and hence they are not able to meet this fire implementation