Jio GigaFiber Latest Procedure and Process to Apply

Latest Process for Ordering Jio GigaFiber with Jio GigaFiber Router & Jio GigaTV set-up box

Latest Procedure and Process to Apply for Jio GigaFiber - Youth App

We provide you the full and latest steps for ordering Jio GigaFiber connection along with ordering Jio GigaRouter and Jio GigaTV set-up box. 

  • Login to MyJio App or Jio Website
  • If you already registered, login with the user name as Jio number or email address and password
  • If not registered already, register using Jio number or the Jio service ID.
  • NON JIO users would not be able to login 

Once Login into MyJio or Jio Website

  • Click on the “Product” from the menu
  • Select the “Jio GigaRouter”
  • Also add on option available for buying “Jio GigaTV set-up box”
  • Based on your requirement you can select the product and click on “Add to Cart”
  • Select the required plan from the “Select the Plan” menu
YouthApps - JioGigaFiber Plan

30 Days
300 GB
50 Mbps
30 Days
450 GB
50 Mbps
30 Days
600 GB
100 Mbps
30 Days
750 GB
100 Mbps
30 Days
900 GB
150 Mbps

After selection the Plan, proceed in filling up Personal Details for Jio GigaFiber

  • Personal Details Includes
    • Name
    • Phone Number (Jio Number) & Alternative Number
    • Installation Address including Floor Details and Provision for inside cabling etc
    • Additional cost may be incurred for getting connection into the home from a standard distance.
    • Also need to inform if it’s for commercial establishment or for personal need
  • Go To Shopping Cart which has the Jio GigaRouter & Jio GigaTV Setup Box and click on Check Out
  • Select the payment options for the router and jio GigaTV Setup box (Based on the installation status)
  • Based on the Highest Demand you would be getting the installation schedule
  • You have successfully ordered Jio Giga Fiber Connection and for you no more mega bite but giga bite through Jio Giga Fiber connection

The above steps are the logical flow of any new service ordering and Jio may decide to change the plan and the process.  We are just giving you a indicative process of ordering Jio GigaFiber Connection and Jio GigaTV Set-up box.