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Make your phone look new always - Known Secret Decoded

Lock Screen, Home Screen, Lock Screen Animation, Home Screen Widgets, Home Screen Icons these determines the freshness of a phone usage and wallpaper and themes are vital component of your smartphone.  Why did we say this?

Android gives you the full control in choosing each and every component which we quoted above, and Android gives you the power to customize it.
Ok all are fine, but Why should I do? Why should I remove or change the existing settings?
hmm, that’s a fair question and let look at a example and then you determine if you see a need to customize it or not. We agree its owner’s choice whether they would need to change or customize it or not.

Let’s think for a movement, we have brought a new car and there are default seats, color and other fitting which come along with it.  Now, the owner has the car has the option to change the interior like type of seat, seat cover color, interior, lighting and external fitting as per his or her choice.  The choice of the interior and exterior is based on his/her preference and the budget they set aside for it.  We don’t want to prolong this example anymore.

Best Smartphone Launcher for Your Model Smartphone

Now, let replace the phone with the car and the interior/exterior as your launcher or home screen. Google Android has given you the same kind of option to customize the launcher aka home screen with individual his/her preference and expectation.

How to select the best launcher or a replacement to your existing home screen?

Ok, Good conversation and a nice question.
  • As we said before, we cannot recommend any launcher to you as we don’t know your preference and choice. We at YouthApps has listed out the best launchers in the market and the latest launcher description as per the developer for you to decide. In our collection there are launchers which suits your phone based on the version your phone run like best launcher for android lollipop, best launcher for android marshmallow, latest launcher for android nougat, best launcher for Ore, new launcher for pie.  Our list of best launchers for this year includes for all the type of phones like, best launcher for Samsung phones, latest launcher for Nokia and New launcher for MI Phone, POCO launcher.  best launcher for s7 edge

So, find out all the mobile launcher collection and get a refreshing look. 

Latest Launcher Collection
Customize your home screen!
Choose your look, organise your life, and be productive across all your devices.
GO Launcher-💎Customize your stylish phone with free themes & HD wallpapers!
MIUI style Launcher
FREE launcher with personalized homescreen&icon. Hide&optimize app with ease!👍
Evie makes your phone faster and easier to use.
S9 Launcher is a Galaxy S9, S9+ style launcher; easy, modern launcher
Smart Launcher has been updated with all-new design and features!
Bring the best of Google to your Home screen.
Free Launcher for Android! Brief, smart, safe & elegant UI! DIY Theme launch app
🏆 ii Launcher is Phone X, i OS 11 launcher style with many features, NO DRAWER
Say goodbye to the boring traditional launcher right now !
Try the wallpaper and launcher 2018 new version!
🏆3D Launcher with FREE Themes & Wallpapers 👍Hide, lock & manage apps easily
APUS Launcher brings you a brand new homescreen.Theme&Wallpaper&Boost&hide apps.
O Launcher, enhanced launcher for Androidâ„¢ O 8.0 Oreoâ„¢ launcher; Cool launcher
Simple, powerful, fast and highly customizable home replacement
Smart Launcher for galaxy Phones for free
Turn Your Android Into iPhone X, ios 12 & Control Center IOS 12 with iLauncher
LINE's official Android Home
🎨Customize with U Launcher 3D to upgrade android to ios iphone wallpapers FREE!
Base on Google's AOSP project. Added some nice features.
Reason why your Android is better. Unlimited options. Get it for your Android.
S S9 Launcher is a cool Galaxy S8/S9 style launcher with rich enhanced features
The best windows 10 style launcher on Android!
Hitech launcher 2018 easy to use, stylish and offers higher performance.
Stock Pixel Launcher? Try Flick Launcher!
🔥 Mi X Launcher is inspired by MI 10 Launcher, adding many useful features
Small, speedy , personalized and subverting driven experience.
A small, light-weight launcher that keeps your phone clean and its speed fast!
Try the new launcher theme with custom icons and wallpapers.
OO Launcher is an Android™ O style launcher, with many oreo launcher features 🏆
A lot of Cute 3D Water Effect . 1000+ Themes. 10000+ Wallpapers
The best Androidâ„¢ 7.0 style launcher, Highly Customizable, Simple, Fast, Light!
Try New Launcher 2018,It makes your phone faster, Robust, Easy to use with Theme
Galaxy S6 style Launcher
Solo Launcher is a small, fast, clean, smart launcher that boosts your phones.
KitKat Launcher is for Android Lollipop 5.0 & KitKat devices.
One Launcher , you will enjoy it.
🏆Smooth themes & live wallpapers, hide apps for FREE. Customize with U Launcher
🏆 Super P Launcher is a cool & highly customizable Android P 9.0 style launcher
An open source, customizable launcher.
ADW Launcher 2, beyond tweaking your android desktop
Steroid - A must have multi utility, in-built app integration launcher
Marshmallow Launcher for Android 4.1+
Try the 8.1 Metro Look Launcher 2018! one of the best themes in 2017
Free launcher with themes & Wallpapers.Phone boost &Hide apps.
Bringing Android Pie and Pixel Launcher to your phone, today.
Fast, secure and beautiful Samsung Galaxy Note 7 theme designed for you!

Download the latest Android Launcher for all version of Android OS