Smartynote Pro - Smart notepad for dyslexia mobile app

Smartynote Pro - Smart notepad for dyslexia Apps

Smartynote Pro - Smart notepad for dyslexia mobile app
Lets look at a useful phone app called Smartynote Pro - Smart notepad for dyslexia. This app has been released by MS Developer003 Productivity. The app description in Google Play read as, Taking notes have never been so easy!

Smartynote is a notepad app with multiple features to make it easy for you to take daily notes. From regular students to the kids & adults struggling with reading and writing difficulty like dyslexia, this Notepad is for everyone. This Notepad is equipped with powerful functions that allows you to take notes quick and easily.

Smartynote notepad features include :

1. Image-to-text (ocr) : Smartynote notepad allows you to either take a picture from your camera or choose an image from your smartphone gallery,which then extract the text & save it to your notepad directly. Smartynote notepad uses google vision api to recognize text in an image, which is still improving its intelligence.

2. Voice recognition : This notepad have the ability to recognize your voice and extract text from it to auto-save it to your note. This is a perfect for those who don't want to write down the words, instead want the notepad to do it for them. Wanna do quick interviews? Our voice notepad app is perfect for you!

3. Text-to-speech : This function is found to be very useful for the people having difficulty manipulating words as in dyslexia. In just a tap, a sweet lady will loudly dictates the text already written in the notepad. Latest update of our notepad app will automatically picks up the device default languange and speak with the best pronunciation provided in that language by the google voice assistance, but please make sure you have the necessary language package installed already in your device for your voice recognition and text to speech.

4. Customization : Notepad enables you to choose font, font size, font color & background color according to your preference. The color and the fonts that are made available in the app are handpicked according to the utmost assistance to the kids and adults with dyslexia. This notepad have dyslexia fonts, specially for kids and adults with dyslexia

How to extract text from an image in this notepad?

1. While taking note, tap at the 'Image-to-text'.
2. Allow the necessary permissions
3. Choose either camera (to take picture from camera) or gallery (to select image from gallery)
4. After choosing image,the app will take your image for cropping 
5. After cropping, tap at the 'crop' clickable text at top-right.
6. That's it, the notepad will display the text on the note.

Please note :

1. Image-to-text (ocr) uses google vision intelligence which is still improving & thus, have limitations while recognizing text from image. It may interpret some alphabet differently than that available in the image.

2. Try to focus on one paragraph instead of an whole page for accurate results.

3. Handwritten text is not recognizable.

How to write note from my voice in the notepad?

1. While on second screen, tap at the 'Speech-to-text'
2. Make sure the internet is available
3. When google dialog appears, speak 
4. Wait for the app to process your voice 
5. That' it, the text will be displayed on the note.

How to change the language for voice recognition?

1. Go to the 'settings' app of your android smartphone.
2. Tap on 'Language & input', then tap on 'Language'
3. Choose your desired language.

How to dictate the note?

1. While on second screen, tap at the 'Text-to-speech'
2. That' it, the lady will dictate the words written in the note.

How to edit & delete saved notes?

All the saved notepad notes will be displayed as a list on the home screen. On each list item note, there is a provision for two image button, one for editing note (displayed as black pen at the left side) & other for deleting note (displayed as black recycle bin at the right side). Click them to edit or delete the particular note in the notepad. 

Smartynote Pro - Smart notepad for dyslexia has been installed between 1,000+ times by users at the time of this review and has an average rating of 3.7 in Google apps store.

Smartynote Pro - Smart notepad for dyslexia app size 3.2M and can be installed on any Android device running version 4.0.3 and up.

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Smartynote Pro - Smart notepad for dyslexia
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MS Developer003 Productivity
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