Sabrimala Women Entry Dates & Times - 2018

Updates Dates for Women Entry into Sabrimala

After the unfortunate judgment on women entry for an age group of (10-49 age years) into Sabirmala, the chances of entry by women into Sabrimala temple are on the below dates.

Sree Chithra Attathirunal
05/11/2018 5pm
06/11/2018 10pm
Mandala Pooja
16/11/2018 5pm
27/12/2018 10pm
Makaravilakku Festival
30/12/2018 5pm
20/01/2019 7am

It's our humble request that any women between the age group of 10-49 planning visit Sabrimala, please refrain from doing so. Its going to hurt millions of devotee sentiment and you are going to get the curse of millions of the devotes.  

Kindly don’t do it for sake of doing as the people who believe lord Iyyappa