What is Dark Web?

What is Dark Web?

What is Dark Web?

The dark web is

  • Part of the internet
  • Not visible to search engines
  • Can be accessed only using special browsers called Tor (anonymizing)

There are close to 3000 LIVE dark webs that’s host mostly illicit materials like photographs, selfies, user passwords, credit card information etc.  It is easy for anyone to buy all these details from these websites including software that can potentially break into anyone’s computing device. They also sell weapons, drugs and illicit materials on these websites.

How do scammers access dark web?

  • They have to use Tor browser which takes them through a series of proxy servers operated by many volunteers across the globe making your IP address untraceable thus making it unpredictable. Most of these website have scrambled name structure that will pretty much end with “.onion”. It is hard to remember such sites and they keep changing to avoid any kind of repercussions from police or their victim otherwise known as Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS)

How has bitcoin contributed to this?

  • Thanks to bitcoin, it has become easy for those transacting in the dark web. It helps them maintain their anonymity. A bank account number would have traced them back to their address. But with bitcoin it’s easy to remain anonymous and earn money. There are e-Commerce sites selling illicit material in these dark webs and swindle money. They again come back with a new name and address.
  • The interesting part of dark web is that criminals help each other here. There are tools, codes, techniques, best practices shared here for a price.

What is good about Dark web?

  • Dark web has been used by many people to protect their identity especially when they are leaking out sensitive information. In most of the countries, using Tor and engaging in Dark web is illegal.

Is your password stored in Dark web?

  • If you are worried that your data has been compromised. You can check those details here. It doesn’t matter if you are using incognito or private window on your computer or mobile device, there are ways to scrap away your password. To check if your password has been compromised, check here.

What should you do if your password has been leaked?

  • It is better to include 2-way authentication for your email logins, bank accounts, payment wallets and credit card. Don’t hesitate to add additional security features to all the accounts that you use online. Keep changing passwords regularly and never respond to scammers.