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What is e-challan? 

  • e-Challan is a sophisticated software application comprising Android based mobile app and web interface, developed for the purpose of providing an comprehensive solution for Transport Enforcement Officers and Traffic Policemen. This app-cumapplication is integrated with Vahan and Sarathi applications and provides a number of user-friendly features while covering all major functionalities of Traffic Enforcement System. 

This is an end to end automated system with digital interface for all the stakeholders in purview of challan eco-system. The application offers customized interfaces for the following stakeholders:
  • Enforcement officers 
  • Citizens (private or commercial car owners/drivers)
  • State transport office 
  • Regional transport/Traffic office
  • NIC admin 
  • Ministry of Road and Transport 

The application introduces a novel concept of using mobile based app for issuing eChallan. The mobile based access to the system is available only to enforcement officers through android smart phones. While the web based access is available to all the rest of the stakeholders, mobile based access ensures the services are available anytime anywhere. This application is built in line with the requirements of Vahan 4 and Sarathi 4 and shall be accessing and updating data from/to national databases.  Connecting all the stakeholders through a common system will ensure data integrity, reliability and transparency.

Core Benefits of e-Challan

  • Efficient use of technology in providing an easy, efficient and comprehensive traffic enforcement system – which will ensure nation-wide data sharing and lead to better traffic discipline and road safety. 
  • The system aims to provide a perfect solution for the current challenges which the transport departments is facing with respect to issuance of traffic challans, managing records/ back-end operations, tracking offence history, payments, reports etc. by leveraging latest technologies which are easy to use, adapt and implement at the ground level. 
  • Connecting all the stakeholders through a common system which is ensuring data integrity, reliability and transparency. End to end automation of the process will ensure efficiency at each level of users. 100% digitization and documentation of records will help in improving the visibility on offenders, types of offences frequently committed, payments received on time etc. 
  • Minimizing time and efforts of citizen in making payments or follow-up actions which they face after getting challan on Road 
  • Minimizing Revenue loss and enhance transparency 
  • Providing real time Road Safety implementation report to the Ministry/ State Govts for data driven policy making. 
  • Easy and efficient challaning option for Transport Enforcement Officers and Traffic Police officers Completely customizable as per state/ department requirements 
  • Central Monitoring of Road Safety Policy implementation. 
  • No duplicate or fake challans (Comprehensive monitoring, audit option for each individual challan or concerned official by department remotely) 
  • Online payment of challans by citizen “anytime and anywhere” 
  • Court disposal will reflect directly to citizen / Department page. It will save lots of efforts and time of citizen and department officials. 
  • Any transaction on concerned vehicle/license will get blocked at RTO in case of pending challan 
  • Subsequent penalty to accused owner at all the state where challan is implemented. This will stop revenue loss of States.

e-challan Enablers 

Government Process Reengineering 
  • eChallan system envisages a complete shift of traffic enforcement operations from a primarily manual process to a technology-intensive process – which is much more efficient, comprehensive, transparent and at the same time very user-friendly. The process of challan issuance and disposal, management and monitoring of concerned staff and their performance, payment collection system and so on – all are set to be provided on a technological platform. Monitoring, Reporting, Back-end processing and integration with concerned stake-holders are all going to be much more comprehensive and feature-rich.

Capacity Building 
  • Comprehensive training and hand-holding to all operational staffs of the concerned department (Transport Enforcement/ Traffic Police) provided before and after implementation. Starting with demonstration of app/application to top-level officials, to detailed training schedule to operational staff, field level run with actual device and then finally to real challaning operations – at all stages, complete support is provided by NIC support team.

State-wise, department-wise customization
  • eChallan is a generic app/ application which can be used by all states (both Transport Enforcement and Traffic Police) as deployed on a common platform. However, all necessary configurations, customizations and additional enhancements are taken care of and integrated into the system as per the requirements of the state/ department, in order to meet specific acts/ rules/ processes/ formats/ protocols etc.

Value Indicators 

Learnings for sharing 
  • eChallan system has evolved through a process of learning, changes and enhancements. In the process of implementation in different states, various new requirements, situations, issues etc. have provided a rich learning experience and opportunities – which have made the product more robust and richer in terms of features, functionalities and security. A host of sophisticated tools and technologies and also management and support processes have been incorporated to make the project a success.

Digital Empowerment 
  • Payment of Challans is facilitated through various options like Online Payment, PoS based payment – both on-spot and through portal.
  • Although this is primarily a departmental app/ application (from Transport and Traffic Police), however, concerned citizen is also automatically made a stakeholder so that he/she can make challan payments through digital mode or follow-up/ grievance options etc. by logging into the portal.
  • The system has provided bi-lingual support (Hindi and English) as of now. But shortly, state-specific language customization option is being provided as per the requirements received from users.
  • Integrated e-Challan System. Vehicle Number; License Number; Aadhaar Number; DL Penalty Points; Complaints. Fake Number Plate Sold Out Vehicle.

What is meant by e Challan?
  • E-challan is an electronic format of the challan. An e-challan can also be defined as a specific format used for depositing or remitting the contribution or statutory payment at a bank or treasury.

How can I pay Traffic Challan offline?

E-Challan Payment With Paytm- Easy & Convenient
  • Following traffic rules should be each and everyone’s earnest endeavour to ensure not only one’s own safety but the safety of others as well. Traffic Challans are issued to any person who is found violating traffic rules or not observing them strictly while on the road. Jumping the red light, over speeding, not wearing a helmet, ignoring sign boards, driving without a license and so on are some of the common types of traffic police Challans in India. If you happen to get stuck in such circumstances and you are running short of funds, then, Paytm is all you need to do. Paytm has come up with a unique idea of Challan payment online that is possible within few short & easy steps.
  • Go cashless with Paytm and get rid of the troubles of going to the ATM whenever you get booked by traffic police for not abiding by the traffic rules. Now, you don’t have to worry for unavailability of cash right on the spot when you can pay the fine instantly through our easy to use online portal.

How to Pay Traffic Challan online?
  • Once your Challan is generated by the machine against your vehicle’s registration number, you have the option of electronic money transfer for payment through Paytm. All you need to do is log into Paytm.com or make use of the Paytm App and the payment is made on the spot within few easy steps.
  • Enter your City Name
  • Enter challan/vehicle number
  • Choose payment method of your preference i.e. Debit/Credit Card, Net banking or Paytm Wallet.
  • Our payment methods are safe and secured so you don’t have to worry about your money.

Once your transaction is done, you will receive an instant auto update on your registered email id and mobile number. E-Challan payment is available 24/7 without you being worried about the availability of the sufficient cash in hand or not. Also, you can avail the benefits of various deals, discounts and Cashback offers every time you pay your penalty through us.

Can we pay Challan online in SBI?
  • While generating E-challan you should select mode of payment like cash or online. ... The best method is take print of e challan and go to nearest SBI branch and pay it. if you are tech savvy, and having account with SBI with net banking facility pay thru your net banking facility.

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