Lets Crack CBSE 10th Standard Board Exams with ease

Lets Crack CBSE 10th Standard Board Exams with ease [Parent & Student] read

Latest 10th CBSE Mobile Apps Collection for Download & Install

Reading the article title may have a smile on your face, why not when you think of the milestone in your education, then CBSE Xth standard exam is your first hurdle.  Parents and Kids are in equal pressure to get this milestone cleared in flying colors and Parents and Kids of 10th Standard CBSE try different ways like special tuition for each subject like CBSE 10th Maths, CBSE 10th Science, CBSE 10th Social Science.

So in this technology era, as we becoming a mobile economy parents and students of 10th CBSE are trying news ways of learning the syllabus in a mobile way.  10th CBSE Students & Parents and using mobile apps which can help them to achieve the desired results of cracking the 10th Standard CBSE Exam.  BIJYU has been leading the market with their unique way.  

Did learning using mobile apps for cracking CBSE 10th Board Exam?

  • It’s a difficult question to answer as we cannot quantity the results or the success rate.  A successful student and their parents would have used multiple ways to make sure they achieve the desired goal of cracking CBSE 10th Standard Board Exam.
  • In this mobile centric environment, we are safe to assume that this can also help students of 10th Standard Board Exam in cracking it. However, its for the parents of the 10th CBSE Students to check the mobile apps which is been given to them for learning.

What mobile apps should I download for cracking CBSE 10th Board Exam?

  • Let me ask you a question before answering this one. Did you do any research before buying a phone? Did you do any research before finding a school for your kid? Did you do any research before joining your kid to the tuition center?
  • If your answers are YES to all the above, then you should research and use the mobile apps before giving to your kid for using and practicing.  This will ensure that your kid get the best mobile apps which help him/her to cracking the 10th CBSE Board Exam.

What are the factors I should look for when selecting the mobile apps for cracking the CBSE 10th Board Exam?

  • One of the most and very critical factor which choosing the mobile app which helps your kid to crack the CBSE 10th Board exam would be based on your kid’s strength & weakness.  This is very similar to you as a parent finding the tuition centers, special calls for your kids.  Mobile apps is a support to overcome your kids weakness (if any) and to crack the 10th Standard Board Exam. So select it appropriate app
  • Once you have drilled down on the support which is needed for your kid, use the right keyword to search for the mobile apps in play store. If you find difficulties, then use our contact form and submit your request.  We will provide you some mobile app which can benefit
  • Mobile apps rating, number of download and % of people who have reviewed is an important factor before downloading it
  • Also, if the mobile app in app purchase or ads should also be checked
  • Reading the most recent user review will also help in making right decision

What are the most important action as parents you should do before installing the mobile app for cracking 10th Standard CBSE Exam?

  • Housekeeping is the most important think.  Did not understand, let me clear it.  Mobile apps which will be installed on your phone may display advertisement and the advertisement content is picked up based on your cookies or your behavior.  Imagine when you install a mobile app which helps to crack 10th CBSE board exam and he/she get a advertisement from a fashion company with their recent launch costume, your kid is tent to get distracted and the sole purpose of installing and using the mobile apps becomes null and void.
  • So, if you are sharing your phone then suggest you be very careful of the usage.  However, if there is a dedicated device then it’s better to control the usage and have right parental control
  • In App Purchase – What is this? In a installed mobile app certain features is locked and its unlocked when your buy or purchase it.  This could be annoying as your kids would have got used to the flow of the mobile app and a stoppage would have an impact on the learning.

Hope this article has provided some good inside on making and using the mobile apps for cracking 10th CBSE Board exam.  Please share your suggestion and comments.

Latest 10th CBSE Mobile Apps Collection for Download & Install

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