Download Yahoo! JAPAN-News, Sports, Search, Weather, Earthquake Information, Disaster Prevention, PayPay, Coupons

Download & Install Yahoo! JAPAN -ニュース・スポーツ・検索・天気・地震情報・防災・PayPay・クーポン Mobile App

Download & Install Yahoo! JAPAN -ニュース・スポーツ・検索・天気・地震情報・防災・PayPay・クーポン Mobile App

Download the Yahoo! JAPAN -ニュース・スポーツ・検索・天気・地震情報・防災・PayPay・クーポン useful mobile app.  This app has been released by Yahoo Japan Corp. News & Magazines. Mobile Apps Developer of Yahoo! JAPAN -ニュース・スポーツ・検索・天気・地震情報・防災・PayPay・クーポン has described the features as, -Reassuring at any time to your smartphone-We will
deliver disaster information and disaster prevention information of your area.
Download for earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, and so on.

New delivery of "coupon" started. We will deliver daily coupons that can be used at restaurants throughout the country such as Yoshinoya and Gusto.
Yahoo! JAPAN app is an all-in-one free app that can be used at any time.
In addition to the latest news bulletins, contents for killing time you can enjoy in free time at commuting and attending school, wisdom bags that can consult and solve familiar questions, as well as weather forecast, train transfer guidance and operation status, etc., also functions necessary for life You can use this one.
※ There are some features that are not available in the tablet version app.

In addition, the PayPay payment function has been added, which allows you to pay easily and easily.
-Payment is completed by scanning a QR code or showing a bar code.
・ PayPay balance can be charged easily from Yahoo! card or bank account. You can also pay by credit card or Yahoo! Money.
・ Even if it is new registration, PayPay balance 500 yen is equivalent. You can register from the PayPay icon at the top of the home screen.
※ QR code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.

With this one app, in addition to news, weather, e-mail, etc., you can enrich your daily life conveniently, from easy payment to PayPay function.

[Functions that are useful in a variety of everyday scenes are fulfilling]
▼ Sports bulletins are also quick
We will inform you of major sports information such as high school baseball, professional baseball, soccer etc. promptly.

▼ Convenient, comfortable day with Yahoo! JAPAN
・ Busy morning, with the weather forecast displayed on the home screen of the app, check today's weather at a glance. Tap to see hourly weather forecast, probability of precipitation, weekly weather, and also view rain cloud radar.
In addition, in the route information, if there is delay information on the registered route, it will be notified by a badge. I notice early about the suspension and delay.
Add a fortune-telling to the service icon column at the top, and register constellations, you can see today's fortune at a glance.
And Yahoo! JAPAN familiar news, a list of important topics selected by the editorial department.

・ In the night you want to relax, relax with your favorite article. Open the app and scroll down to see more articles and videos in the timeline.
The app learns the tastes of people who are concerned about entertainment news, people who are concerned about the weather, sports, and stock movements, and delivers content that may be of interest quickly. Convenient for killing time.

There is a function of relief even when it is necessary to have peace of mind at any time by only having 24 hours .
If you launch the Yahoo! JAPAN app during earthquakes and disasters, earthquake and tsunami information will be displayed, and you can check disaster information and evacuation information across the country.
Even notification in the push notification even if you have not launched the app. We will notify the national protection information sent by the government by J alert when the dangers of big earthquakes, tsunamis, eruptions, etc., and ballistic missiles are approaching, to all customers regardless of the registered area.
※ It is necessary to set notification to receive. When you receive it, please check the information and keep calm.
In addition, we can confirm various weather alerts such as flood information and wave alert by typhoon and heavy rain.

[Other recommended functions]
▼ Follow tab which can read anxious articles collectively
An article about the keyword which I followed is displayed in a row, and I can check my favorite information in a mass.
Recommended for such people
・ Want to know information of high school baseball and professional baseball quickly
・Want to know information of favorite entertainers and athletes
・ Want to widely track information of drama and animation you are watching
・ Know event information of popular game application I want
to read the latest news related to stock price at a time

▼ The topic tab
which shows the attention word of "now" Introduces the keyword that has become a topic on Twitter in the ranking format in real time. It is also possible to meet a word that you care about.

▼ For the latest news You
can see 8 genres, 8 each for important topics selected by the editorial department from the news tab latest news.
News genre list Domestic / regional / international / economic / IT / science / entertainment / sports

▼ good coupon tab
Coupons that can be used at various restaurants all over the country are distributed daily. You can easily get a discount just by showing it at the store.
We are delivering coupons that can be used in the following stores one after another!
・ Yoshinoya
・ Gast
McDonald (May 3-)
・ Guest corner
・ Freshness burger
・ Pizzara
・ Shabu-shabu warm vegetables

Full search function If you use many search functions prepared by Yahoo !, information on the Internet can be obtained efficiently. You can search for recipes as well as images and videos!
For example, search in such items
· bulletins such as professional baseball and J league
· recipe of topic dishes
· route guidance and operation conditions
· operation information · knowledge useful for earthquakes and disasters
· road traffic information such as traffic congestion

▼ PayPay function
PayPay function You can use your smartphone to pay easily and easily with a single smartphone.

▼ Easy access to regular sites with the "Favorites" feature A feature
that automatically saves frequently accessed sites for easy access . Of course services other than Yahoo! such as Google, YouTube, Facebook are also eligible.

▼ The operation of smartphones and tablets is crisp. An optimization feature
that frees you from unused memory for comfort browsing . Release unnecessary memory simply by pressing "Optimize" on the screen. Even when you are not using the app, there is also a function that will notify you when the operation becomes heavy.

▼ Kisekae Function
· Yahoo! Kisekae, King & Prince appeared for a limited time. Choose your favorite King & Prince theme from casual costumes and stage costumes.
You can enjoy Kisekae function from [Others]> [Kisekae] on the Home screen.

・ You can change the home screen of the app to your favorite theme. We are delivering one after another theme with seasonal feeling and theme of famous character!

▼ Schedule management & Reminder function
You can register and check the schedule to Yahoo! Calendar on the application, you can receive reminder notification before the start of the schedule.

▼ Other useful functions that can be used free of charge
· Mail ... Check Yahoo! Mail immediately
· Weather ... Check today's temperature and rainfall probability. We know approach of rain cloud with rain cloud radar
・ Accommodation ... From gourmet reservation to hotel reservation
· Sports ... We confirm game result of professional baseball and J league immediately
・ Fortune ... We register and see our constellations, we see immediately when we open application be
-route information ... operation information, station information, route search, extremely trivial confirmation until the timetable
shopping ... register stores 400,000 shops or more. T point also accumulated in deals
Finance ... the latest stock prices and check the exchange situation of the world
Map ... also crisp route search GPS in to your location or destination
resolve, Answers ... familiar questions and consultation thing with everyone

[such Recommended for people]
· Do not want to miss the latest news and topics of interest
· Want to quickly receive disaster information such as earthquakes, evacuation information
· Want to quickly receive typhoon information and weather alerts
· Match results of professional baseball and J League
・ We want to confirm immediately ・ We use weather application, delay and operation situation using transfer application and plural applications properly, but we want to manage in one application collectively
・ We were looking for time killing application in train ・
We want to receive national protection information (J alert) ・ We
want to solve familiar question with Yahoo! wisdom bag
・ We want to pay to easy た ん by one smartphone using PayPay function
・ I want to enjoy daily dining out and shopping more value by using coupons

【Conveniently with
related apps 】By using Yahoo! JAPAN related apps together, more useful functions can be used.
▼ We
can receive weather warning and national protection information (J alert) early by using Yahoo! disaster prevention bulletin together. For disaster prevention measures.

▼ Yahoo! Transit
route information and delay information can also be confirmed immediately, convenient for daily travel.

Yahoo! JAPAN -ニュース・スポーツ・検索・天気・地震情報・防災・PayPay・クーポン has been installed between 10,000,000+ times by users at the time of this review and has an average rating of 4.1 in Google apps store.

Yahoo! JAPAN -ニュース・スポーツ・検索・天気・地震情報・防災・PayPay・クーポン app has been reviewed by 227695 Users, which is around 2.28% of total installed.  Yahoo! JAPAN -ニュース・スポーツ・検索・天気・地震情報・防災・PayPay・クーポン app size 36M and can be installed on any Android device running version 4.4 and up.

Apps Name Yahoo! JAPAN -ニュース・スポーツ・検索・天気・地震情報・防災・PayPay・クーポン
Apps Developed Yahoo Japan Corp. News & Magazines
Current Version 3.46.1
Total Installs 10,000,000+
Apps Size 36M
Android Supported Version 4.4 and up
Average Rating 4.1
Apps Last Updated On 3-Jun-19
Play Store Link
Reviewed on 5-Jun-19
Content Rating Rated for 3+

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