Mobile Learning: The Best Education Apps for Android

Latest Mobile Learning: The Best Education Apps for Android

Mobile Learning: The Best Education Apps for Android - Youth Apps

In digital and modern life, it is not difficult to get an education and learning. You really do not have to go for tuition and pay a high fee to them. The software developers have made many educational apps and software that provide assistance in understanding the concepts. There are also some apps that help in getting help for educational purposes that facilitates the work and assignments. The GPA calculator, IU GPA calculator, UF GPA calculator, UC GPA calculator is made to calculate the GPA and estimated GPA of the students. 

Following are a few apps that provide assistance in education and work:

Amazon Kindle:

Amazon Kindle is an amazing app that allows you to keep books in your access. With the help of this app, you can easily uninstall and download the books on your cell phone or laptop in the process cheaper than the original prices. You can make a small book library with this educational app.
The great feature is that you can save multiple books without the fear of running out of space and storage. The amazon kindle is a free app so everyone can get access to this wonderful app.

Khan Academy:

It is another amazing option to get learning accessible and feasible. The purpose of this app is to clear the concepts and make understanding on different topics and different subjects. There are 10,000 plus videos on this app that provide knowledge on various subjects like economics, physics, science, math and many more. The videos are made by qualified teachers that have experience in teaching with a good track record.
You can also get another version of this education app that is made specifically for the kids. Both versions are available free for everyone — there are no hidden charges or tax in installing or using the app.


LinkedIn learning is free to access for getting education and knowledge. This paper provides different courses for enhancing understanding and resolving the common queries. This app other than the educational knowledge also provides help in getting skills for getting a job. LinkedIn Learning provides creative skills, office skills, and also other related skills to build confidence and skill.


Along with the educational apps, there are some other apps that have other features. Like Duolingo is a language learning app. The best part is that it teaches different languages in a unique way. They offer mini-games to enhance the understanding of the language. The games make it quite interesting and a pleasure to learn the language.
It helps to quickly pick the language codes. There are no distractions in the app like the irritating ads and pop-ups. You can get a subscription to get the additional benefits.


Courser offers 1000 plus courses. Coursera also offers a few free courses. You have to pay for the other courses as all the courses are not free. The app is free, but the pricing of the courses varies.