all about Janata Curfew

Janata Curfew- All about it

Janata Curfew- All about it

Yesterday when our prime minister called on the citizen to follow a Janata Curfew on 22 March 2020 from 07:00 AM to 09:00 PM, everyone would be thinking what is this new measure now?

We will try to explain it based on our understanding of the situation and also how COVID -19 or Corona can be controlled?

There were rumors about Section 144 and lock down of the country in Whatsapp and other social networking site and this forced the government to issue a clarification before Prime Minister address.

Imagine if there was section 144 would have been imposed what would have happened?

  • People who belongs to a different political party would have opposed it and would be protesting it?
  • There could have been clashes because when section 144 is imposed police should be there on the street to see if it been followed or adhered?
  • Citizen who don't care about anything and using their money power or using the political contact will show off at these times?
  • Many more....
Advantage with Janata Curfew
  • Its a self imposed curfew wherein we as a citizen and individual decided to stay indoor and do not venture out in public
  • Its is not an order but a request to contain the community spread of COVID or Corona Virus
  • As its a self imposed regulation, most of the citizen will hope to adhere to the request made by the government as it cross all party lines, cast and age group
  • When most of the country is in self imposed curfew, the success and adherence could be huge
  • Pressure on our medical system would ease
  • Medical staff and other supporting staff would get a break from the normal routine
  • Stress in everyone mind would decrease
  • This could be a mock or a drill for bigger thinks to come
What could be all the criticism about Janata Curfew?
  • Its a one time measure how this will stop community spread?
  • MODI is trying to affect other regional sentiments by not allowing them to practice their rituals on Sunday?
  • Government should do more precautionary measures, rather than asking people to stay at home
  • Who will support the daily laborer or daily wages employee because of unemployment on that day
  • What will happen to people living in below poverty line
  • This is very stupid idea by Modi, Amit Shah and RSS
Now, let see few example of how someone will become the odd person while everyone following Janata Curfew?
  • Lets go to a road which is empty to take a selfie and post it in Facebook, Instagram and other networking sites
  • They would go for a bike ride to upload in their video blogger channel
  • Lets take a break and go to a park or a place as there would be no crowd
  • Why the hell I should follow this, I pay my taxes and I will do whatever I want, it is a democratic  country and I have all the rights to do
How to make sure these ODD people are ignored?
  • When anyone who breaks the Janata Curfew and upload it in social networking sites, you can make appropriate comments to explain him/her the impact they have caused by not breaking the chain of this virus spread
  • Unlike the photo, unfriend the person, unsubscribe the channel, you know what else to do to isolate it.  However, lets not get into a war of words, etc
  • If people break the Janata Curfew, do note this is done in larger interest of many senior citizen, young kids and week people.  So considering the larger interest in mind, please let go your thoughts and support to break the chain of spread
How to plan for Janata Curfew?
  • As PM Modi said, there is no lock down and we have all the necessary food supplies and other items available in our kirana stores or super markets
  • So, on Saturday buy the items needed for Sunday and if Sunday was your shopping day for the next week, get it all done on Saturday itself
  • If you have Saturday working, then stagger your purchase from today itself.
  • As Sunday is the day where people go in large number and buy non veg, you can try getting it on Saturday itself.  
  • If possible, ask the vendor is start at 6:00 am in the morning on 22nd and buy it before 07:00 am
  • Be at home and be with your family, at last married men got a reason to stay indoor on a weekend
  • Enjoy a movie on the TV channel, anyways people in the media will keep you busy by showing how empty the road..etc
Will all these thing control COVID - 19 or Corona Virus?
  • If our Prime Minister come on TV and request all the citizen to stay indoor for a single day, then it should have a solid reason and I do thing we have the worlds best brain in India and they have real passion towards safeguarding our countries, so the rational being doing this maybe out of our preview,  however if this help to break the chain and stop the community spread of COVID - 19 or Corona Virus then why not we do it
How to appreciate the supporting staff who is helping in figiting COVID-19 / Corona Virus?
  • On 22 March 2020 @ 05:00 PM IST, lets move to the balcony or to the door front and clap and make a good a sound in a appreciation towards the help/support they are providing to fight against COVID - 19 / Corona.

Jai Hind

Disclaimer - If any of the sentence or statement, hurt anyone I would like to seek an apology and this is not intended to.  The purpose of the article to make the world understand how I see it from my view point about Janata Curfew