Will I get killed by Corona virus, COVID -19?

Will Corona Virus or COVID -19 kill me?

Corona virus, COVID -19 will it kill me?

Let me rephrase the question, will I get killed because of Corona Virus or COVID – 19 infection, the straight answer is NO, but it all depends on your medical condition of your body and the immune power to fight against the virus.

How to find out if I have the immune system to fight Corona Virus or COVID – 19?
  • You should know your body better, in the past how did you body recover when you got affected with cold, measles or any other diseases which is caused by a virus.  Ok if it hard to remember then no worries, our body is designed to fight the foreign elements and corona virus would be handled in the same manner.  If you would like to read more about it technically then refer the link. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41591-020-0819-2
How to avoid me getting Corona or COVID -19?
  • Follow the basic hygiene which was taught to us in kinder garden or pre-primary school like wash your hands, clean yourself, try to have a personal circle.  As its been told over the phone, TV Advertisement, etc. we will not repeat it.
Is it so bad diseases or is the news making us to get that feeling?
  • Good question, you should consume the news as a information only and should not get panic.   Corona or COVID 19 affected individual organs and this can treated and controlled using available medical technology.  As this is a contagious disease people can be infected unknowingly and it could be become uncontrollable.  This is only reason why there is so much attention.  Our current medical facility does not have the capacity to treat everyone and hence its more dangerous.
Do I need to lock myself down in my house or can I move around?
  • You can move around for your basic requirement, as we don't has the clue about who is infected and where the viruses are so its better to be careful while travelling and socialising
Do I need to change any of my regular habits?

As we don’t know what’s your habits are its difficult to say, but we will share some tips which we may be doing under normal circumstance
  • Don’t touch anyone without washing your hands
  • Make sure your personal items such as keys, wallet, glasses, mobile phone is cleaned. 
  • Entering PIN numbers in ATM or Swiping machines, just try to see if you can do through UPI or NFC
  • Accepting packages from courier or picking up newspapers etc
  • Accessing shared computers or using kiosk in public places
How to lead my life in Corona or COVID – 19 times?
  • As normal as possible, because as we wrote there is nothing you need to be worry about.  You need to focus on personal hygiene and socialising sensibly.  If we can break the chain successful, then this would also be one disease which will die by itself.

Beat Corona by Personal Hygiene & Socialising Sensibly