Preparing COVID-19 Patient Tracking - Google Maps

Tracking COVID-19 Patient using their Smartphone and Google Maps

Tracking COVID 19 Positive Patients is a tremendous task and now the only option is to check with the patients and its again based on their memory.  So, the accuracy may be incorrect, and they would have forgotten due to the time delay.
So, what is the solution? Do we have any alternative?  Yes, we do have an alternative, but the patient should have an android smartphone and have a Gmail account synced. 
How does it work?
Once we tracked down the android phone of the CVOID-19 Patient, need to open Google Maps from the phone or from the web browser using the Gmail ID and Password.

Once Google Map and Gmail, head towards “Your timeline” and once you can select the dates google map will provide a route map and this can be used to track the place and time of the COVID-19 patient.

Hope this will help in our COVID-19 fight.

Please be safe and practice all precautions instructed by the state and central governments