DigiSevak online volunteering platform for interested citizens

All About DigiSevak

DigiSevak online volunteering platform for interested citizens

DigiSevak is an online volunteering platform for interested citizens who want to contribute to the success of Digital India program. Various government department and agencies can create volunteering tasks and volunteers can choose tasks based on their skills and interest areas. The platform provides means for end-to-end execution of a volunteering task, right from registration of volunteers to creation of tasks, evaluation of tasks and rewards & recognition of contribution by volunteers.

Objectives of DigiSevak

  • To provide a platform to citizens to volunteer for Digital India related tasks and activities
  • To provide a platform to ministries and government agencies to find volunteers for Digital India related tasks and activities
  • To provide an opportunity to citizens to contribute to the success of Digital India by volunteering in their interest and skill areas
  • To create mass awareness about key focus areas of Digital India like cyber hygiene, digital literacy, e waste, MyGov, Digital Locker, CSCs etc.
  • To reward and recognise the work of volunteers through peer review, social media and point redeem system

Who can use this platform

A. Task Owners : implementing any project under Digital India
  • Ministries/Department of Central Government
  • Ministries/Department of State Governments India
  • Autonomous Organisation/PSUs/Agencies of Central Government
  • International Organisations (UN Bodies) looking for volunteers for ICT/Digital services projects
  • Other Organisations having working relations with Central Government Ministries and working on Digital India vision areas.

B. Volunteers
  • Citizens of India, who are willing to contribute to the goals of Digital India program by volunteering in their key interest and skill areas and abide by the DigiSevak pledge

Volunteering Tasks

  • Awareness Creation - Educat the masses about the importance and impact of Digital India, cyber hygiene and digital literacy use of standard Digital India content provided by MeitY from time to time.
  • Data Collection - Collect field data (villages, CSCs, RWAs, schools, colleges, block offices) required by specific owner agencies.
  • Training - Basic awareness level Training leading to enrolment under digital literacy courses.
  • Feedback Collection - Submit feedback data after every outreach programme and activity of Digital India.
  • Participation - Participating in all Digital India outreach programmes.
  • Translation - Translat documents in English to different Indian languages.

Volunteering Process

DigiSevak Volunteering process

Online Support
If you have any doubts about DigiSevak and how it works, please visit our FAQs section. If you still have a query, or wish to discuss a particular task, write to us at div@digitalindia.gov.in and we shall get in touch with you.

Reward & Motivation
DigiSevak has an inbuilt reward and recognition system to acknowledge the work of volunteers who are volunteering on a regular basis and completing the tasks with dedication.
  • Peer Review
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Top 5 Volunteers
  • Milestone based rewards - digital badge and digital certificates
  • Point system for choosing the task, sharing of task on social media, completion of task within timelines, quality of task completion (valuation)
  • Point redeem policy
  • Rewards for individual tasks (Optional - to be decided by Task Owner)