Nakkalites YouTube Channel Review

Latest Trending Nakkalites YouTube Channel Review

Latest Trending Nakkalites YouTube Channel Review

Today we are reviewing the YouTube channel called Nakkalites.  The YouTube channel was started on May 26th, 2017, and has a total subscriber base of 2.75M  increase in the last 30 days.

Nakkalites is a Comedy YouTube Channel and the creator of the channel has described the YouTube Channel as Nakkalites is a Tamil entertainment youtube channel founded by Rajeshwar and Prasanna Balachandran in 2017 to create original content on Youtube. 

We create Tamil originals like comedy sketches, web series, and fun videos. We have made path-breaking web series in Tamil like "BACK TO SCHOOL" "AMMUCHI". And our ongoing web series "Alumbunaties" is based on the hostel life of college students.  "This channel is owned by ERUMBUGAL NETWORK"

Nakkalites has uploaded  202 Videos and 6 videos (Recent Month).  This YouTube channel total views are 399.31M  0.32%  increase in the last 30 days

As per various data from the internet, it shows on a day there is +4.66K video views and +140K views monthly. Nakkalites has average video views as 1.3M  -100%  as per source on the internet, and their monthly revenue could be between $7.6K - $121.6K

Nakkalites has been rated as B+ by Social Blade and Great Job (Top 1%) by NoInfluncer as of today.  Also, their current NoInfluncer (NoxScore) is 4.47

Youtube Channel Name Nakkalites
Youtube Channel Category Comedy
Youtube Channel Startdate May 26th, 2017
Subscriber Count 2.75M 
New Subscribers Added (in 30 days) 140K 133.3%
Total Views 399.31M  0.32%  - 400,700,646 400700646
Average Video Views 1.3M  -100% 
Total Videos 202
Published Videos (in last 30 days) 6  (Recent Month)
NoInfluencer NoxScore 4.47
NoInfluencer NoxReport Great Job (Top 1%)
Social Blade Grade B+
Daily Averages Views +4.66K
Weekly Averages Views +32.6K
Monthly Average Views +140K
Estimated Monthly Earnings  $7.6K - $121.6K
Estimated Revenue per Video --   (Each Video)

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