Essential Resources App Developers Need to Know About

Mobile App Developers Essential Resources


Talent isn’t the only factor contributing to a developer’s strengths. A successful developer must also take advantage of the right resources. For example, if you were hiring iPhone app development specialists to help you turn your idea into a functioning product that users would engage with, you’d want to know the team you hired was making use of the most helpful tools and educational content.


Luckily, many of the most valuable resources for app developers are also free. The following are just a few noteworthy examples:


Online courses

Although there’s often no substitute for an official education, many online courses can teach someone the basics of programming if they’re just beginning their career as a developer. Some of these courses are free. That said, a budding developer who’s serious about building their skills may want to pay for a higher-quality course once they’ve learned the essentials.


There’s no shortage of blogs on the topic of app development. As is the case with any subject, not all of them are authoritative and useful.


However, plenty are. Some of the best blogs for app developers to follow include Ray Wenderlich, Edumobile’s blog, and Android Authority.

iOS Dev Center


The team at Apple naturally wants developers to choose iOS when deciding which operating system to create an app for. Thus, they offer a wide range of tools and resources to make iPhone app development as easy as possible.


Many of these tools are part of the overall iOS Dev Center. While this resource is an exception on this list, as it does require a membership fee to access, the numerous ways it supports iOS developers justify mentioning it.


Additionally, the iPhoneDevSDK is a forum where developers can ask questions, share tips, and more. It’s a useful source of advice for both new and experienced iOS developers.


Even an otherwise strong app may fail to attract a substantial user base if it’s not aesthetically-pleasing as well. Design plays a critical role in an app’s success.



That’s what makes Pttrns helpful. This collection of free app designs for Android and iOS can offer inspiration to an app designer, or provide them with the ideal premade design if they’re working on a minor project that doesn’t require anything particularly unique.


All that said, it’s important to remember that new resources for app developers are constantly emerging. A smart development team will pay attention accordingly, making use of the latest tools and innovations.