CO WIN Mobile App - Not Launched

CO WIN Mobile App Not Launched Yet

CO WIN Mobile App - Not Launched

As a website which reviews mobile apps, it was a easy choice for us to get some good traffic and make some money out of the keyword "CO WIN" Mobile App.  However our conscious stopped us from doing it and again this article is also not written with the intension to get some good hits or visit.

Youth Apps wanted to make the fact clear, Government of India is not yet released the CO WIN Mobile app in any play store or App store and request all the readers not to download any similar app which is available in the play store till there is an official notification.

We will also write about CO WIN Mobile app when its official available and till that time, please hold your excitement and don't fall for this fake messages/app.

COVID vaccine is around the corner and the government is working hard to get this distributed to everyone by involving Railway and Defence department along with using technology.  So lets wait for all the Modus operandi to be finalised and then wait for it be communication using official channels.

We also request the content writers to think about the bigger cause and the impact/confusion it would create to the public and the trouble it will create for the government because of a wrong content.  Maybe you may not have thought about it when you were creating it.  So, please think over and if you think there is a need to correcting it then do so.

Jai Hind