Digital India Awards Winners in Excellence in Digital Governance Ministry/Department (Central)

Winner of Digital India Awards in Excellence in Digital Governance Ministry/Department (Central)

Digital India Awards Winners in Excellence in Digital Governance Ministry/Department (Central)

Government of India has been felicitates Ministry or Department of the Government of India which has a comprehensive digital presence and displays a high level of Intra/Inter Department Integration in its digital initiatives. Integration with electronic authentication, digital payments, & use of emerging technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Natural Language Processing, Voice User Interface, Big Data & Analytics, Virtual Reality etc are also assessed.

Platinum Winners in Excellence in Digital Governance Ministry/Department (Central) Category is - eCommittee Supreme Court of India, Department of Justice

eCommittee Supreme Court of India, Department of Justice - Platinum Winner - Digital India

The eCourts project provides for ICT enablement of the Judiciary in India to make the justice delivery system efficient and time bound, litigant centric, affordable, accessible, cost effective, transparent and accountable. The services under the project cater to all key stakeholders including the Judiciary, the High Courts, the District and Subordinate Courts and the Citizens / Litigants / Lawyers / Advocates. The automation of Case Management has increased the visibility and helps courts in speedier disposal of cases. The centralized portals for Districts and Subordinate courts and High Courts are providing case, orders and judgments information to citizens. National Judicial Data Grid NJDG (District and Taluka Courts of India) contains data of 13.23 Cr cases (pending and disposed) ensuring statistical inputs to higher authorities for making policy decisions to reduce delay and arrears. Case Information System (CIS) has automated processes like filing, scrutiny, registration, listing, court proceedings, disposal and notice generation. ePayment service streamlined payment of court fees, fine, penalty and judicial deposits. ePayment portal is integrated with state specific treasury portals like GRAS, eGRAS, JeGRAS, Himkosh, Rajkosh, SBI ePay etc. National Service and Tracking of Electronic Process (NSTEP) provides electronic mechanism to bailiff by providing PDAs for speedy, transparent and timely delivery of process. Virtual courts reduce footfalls in the courts by eliminating the physical presence of violator or advocate in the court thereby saving the precious judicial time. A virtual court can be managed by a judge whose jurisdiction can be

extended to the entire state and working hours may be 24X7. eChallans submitted in the court are automatically filed to the virtual court for adjudication. 30 Lakhs challans have been received in Virtual Court and action has been taken on 29.4 lakhs challans. 125 Cr fine has been collected. eFiling provides a platform to advocates and litigants to file their cases online before High Courts and District Courts.

The project team consist of Shri Atul Kurhekar, Shri Pravash Prashun Pandey, Shri Ashish Shiradhonkar & Ms. Arulmozhiselv

eCommittee Supreme Court of India, Department of Justice website has been ranked #739 in India and #10041 Globelly.  On an average user spent 6+ minutes on this website and view atleast 4 pages in a single visit.

Gold Winners in Excellence in Digital Governance Ministry/Department (Central) Category is - Department of Posts

Department of Posts - Gold Winner - Digital India

The IT Project provides computerization and connectivity to approx.1,55,000 urban/rural post offices and administrative offices across the country. The digitalization of counter and back-office operations through central-server based applications has been done. Under this Project, customers have been provided access to products and services of Post offices through multiple channels like counters, webportal, mobile app and call centre. Customers are provided near-real time updates on track and trace by capturing delivery information by postmen on mobile app. Monthly 2.8 crore Speed Post and 1.5 crore registered articles are handled. Core banking services (CBS), inter-operable ATMs, online banking and mobile banking facilities have been provided to all Post Office Savings Bank (POSB) customers, CBS monthly transactions have reached more than Rs. 90,000 Crore. Life insurance coverage has been provided to urban and rural population through central-server based application. Online premium payment facility has been provided to Postal Life Insurance (PLI) customers. Under this project one of the largest ERP (Enterprise resource planning) systems in the country has been rolled out, to enhance efficiency, transparency and accountability in the counter and back office operations. 

The project has brought rural Branch post offices on a digital platform, using the handheld devices supplied to about 1.3 lakh rural branch post offices. Doorstep digital life certificate service provided to the old age pensioners Facility for providing feedback and grievance redressal through India Post website, Twitter seva and Call-Centre are available. More than 1.27 Lakh grievances are redressed monthly. The first response time to grievance is around 4 hours on Twitter seva. More than 97 lakh calls are received in Call Centre which operates in regional languages also. More than 15000 feedbacks received during 2020 till now. 20 lakh man-hours of user-champion training done for skill development of employees. India Post website has more than 3 million hits/day.The mobile app facilitated service request by public for doorstep delivery of financial and other postal services during pandemic.

The project team consist of Ms. Smita Kumar, Shri K. K. Sharma, Shri R. Anand, Shri A. Saravanan & Ms. Arkaja Das

Department of Posts website has been ranked #213 in India and #2310 Globelly.  On an average user spent 3+ minutes on this website and view atleast 2 pages in a single visit.

Silver Winners in Excellence in Digital Governance Ministry/Department (Central) Category is - Department of Fertilizers

Department of Fertilizers - Silver Winner - Digital India

Implementation of Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) in fertilizer has been under discussion almost for the last 20 years. However, due to complexities involved in its implementation, not much could be achieved, primarily because fertilizer subsidy management is one of the most complex. This poses considerable challenge in designing an IT based system for trouble free implementation of DBT in fertilizer. Subsidized fertilizers are sold under ‘No denial policy’. This means neither beneficiary, nor their entitlements are categorically defined. Once these two parameters remain undefined it's virtually impossible to design and implement any kind of DBT system in the fertilizer sector. Also, the fertilizer system penetrates rural heartland of India and non availability of reliable internet connectivity poses a major challenge even today. Nevertheless, by following persistent and innovative approaches, an IT based DBT system was designed, developed and implemented successfully in March 2018. overcoming all the challenges. 

Pan India rollout of Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) was finally achieved. The system has been performing exceptionally well since then and the subsidy bill of 2018-19, 2019-20 was fully disbursed through the system. Dashboards (for various stakeholders) are available for better insight into transaction patterns and improved decision making. Integrated Soil Health Card data of farmers which is likely to play a key role in ensuring balanced use of fertilizers in the country. DBT Dashboards have received appreciation from PMO, Cabinet Secretariat and NitiAayog and other stakeholders.

The project team consist of Shri Dharam Pal, Ms. Ranjna Nagpal, Shri Niranjan Lal & Shri Aseem Gupta

Department of Fertilizers website has been ranked #17485 in India and #135118 Globelly.  On an average user spent 12+ minutes on this website and view atleast 7 pages in a single visit.

Silver Winners in Excellence in Digital Governance Ministry/Department (Central) Category is - Department of Land Resources

Department of Land Resources - Silver Winner - Digital India

Registration of documents and deeds is carried out in different languages with different terminology in different States/UTs. Under such situation it was very difficult to compile and analyze the information on property transactions and other transactions in registry offices received at national level and on the other hand, it was difficult to share the information on property transaction for policy decisions/regulations. Similarly, the buyers / sellers / executants had to make several visits to multiple offices to get their documents registered or complete property transactions. One software for one nation – a Common Generic Software for registration of documents that can be customized as per needs of the States. The software ensures interoperability and reduces human interfaces, cost, time and processes required for transactions of the properties in registry office to the benefit of buyers and sellers and ultimately leading to ease of doing business and ease of living of citizens. 

Registration related Documents can be submitted / uploaded online and executants are required to visit the Sub-Registrar office only once. Online appointments for property registration ensures better crowd management, and hassle free transactions. Time for document registration and number of processes have been reduced from 3-4 hours to 15-20 minutes and 9 processes to now 6 processes. Interoperability and data sharing is enabled through APIs with other departments /sectors. Reduction of land disputes, check on fraudulent transactions have been acheived. SMS and email enabled alerts related to transactions and dashboard for senior authorities for monitoring the outcomes and analysing the performance or challenges faced by SROs are available. Interoperability is enabled through APIs. Data is used by important government authorities and system integration can be provided as required (i.e eSign, eKYC, Payment Gateways, PAN Verification, ROR to fetch party names for data standardization).

The project team consist of Shri Hukum Singh Meena, Shri Phool Chand Prasad, Shri Deepak Chandra Misra, Shri Ajay Madhukar Joshi & Shri Rajiv Goel

Department of Land Resources website has been ranked #4335498 Globelly, Its still not be rated in India.  On an average this site receive two page view in a single visit.