Is Human behavior driven by 4G and 5G Speed?

Does the speed of having information is impacting people's behavior?

Is Human behavior driven by 4G and 5G Speed?

We have heard a statement like "Patience is Virtue" however being patient seems to become a very challenging task for people. Yes, and it is primarily due to the use of mobile phones and the fast internet. 

We had days where we waited long enough to get a piece of information however in this 4G world and technology like Google, Bing in hand all the information is at the fingertip and also very fast.

This behavior change is set to go to a different level when 5G, 6G, or other G once it rolls out. We already hating the buffering time whether it's a video or a web page to load. Kids of this generation think that everything is similar to this and hence you see there is a huge demand like Amazon Prime membership where you get single-day delivery and first show movies.

Is it a good sign? These days kids of this generation of people have not seen darkness and similar to it they have not waiting to get anything.

This is primarily because of technological development where information about, food, products, and entertainment all readily available. 

The way it is moving we may have a class to teach patience in kids and younger generations. Waiting for products and services would be an experience to practice and needs special attention and training. 

There is also a higher risk of disappointment and frustrations building within kids and youth due to this behavior change. The impact of this behavior change is hard to access and can be very destructive.

So what's need to do done?  We need to make kids and youth understand that there would be times, people need to wait, and let see some examples which the older generation waited and now it happens in a fly due to technology enhancement

You don't need to buy a movie ticket by waiting in the queue as you can see it from the comfort of your home or buy a ticket online.

You don't need to wait for buying food, you have an option to order food to deliver home and book the table at your convenience 

You don't need to wait for Money, all your financial transactions happen over the internet and you don't necessarily wait for anything. 

COVID has also taught us that we can do many things without being physically available and waiting...

When technology evolves there are behavioral changes that need more focus as they affect the lifestyle and quality of living and hence it is in our interest that we take self-care and make a conscious decision about technology adoption.