Is India Ready for Tesla?

Tesla in India, what surprise to encounter?

Is India Ready for Tesla?

We have seen a new trend about Tesla in India from India and a hinted message from Nitin Gadkari and also tweets from Elon Musk but is all the excitement worth it?

Is India ready to embrace the US auto car maker product in our setup? We think this needs to be studied in depth. 

India was always ready to embrace technology and the recent examples are the UPI, WhatsApp, Smartphone coverage, 4G Coverage, online classes, etc. This all succeeded because of the citizen's eagerness and also proper infrastructure backing.

However, in the case of Tesla, the fundamental issue is our infrastructure, for example, our Roads. Though there has been a great improvement in the national highway in the last few years, however, the standard and quality of roads in state highway and the interior roads are a big question mark. So will Tesla withstand this kind of different and difficult roads, has this been tested before?

Traffic is the next prime challenge, lets take an example of Bangalore Technology capital of India. Considering the Traffic situation, will the charge last for hours to travel a short distance .... and would it make it a commercially viable option when we do the maths of time, distance, effort = money, etc.. We don't want to write a formula for ROI on buying a Tesla Car.

Different Weather Scenarios in India, we know Tesla can handle different terrain and different weather conditions.. will it survive a deadly drive in stagnant water under a bridge and will the car battery pack holdup.

Voltage variations, different parts in India the quality of charging stations and the standard form of the wiring, and the product quality all need to be of the same standard to get the right rhythm of charging the battery pack to get the better outcome.

Juggad, we know to reinvent and create something very unique. In this case, we cannot imagine what can be done and what would happen so Tesla should have plans to manage these scenarios 

Overall as we embrace technology a proper study is needed about the country and the infrastructure so that the products don't fail and leave halfway. Many companies had faced the experience and we wish Tesla should not to be on the list.

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