Microsoft Outlook Death is Imminent

Is Microsoft Killing Outlook with TEAMS?

Is Microsoft Killing Outlook with TEAMS?

The imminent death of Microsoft Outlook seems to near with the latest update provided to Microsoft Teams.

The way Microsoft Teams is getting the new features added, it should be more concerning to the Microsoft Outlook users as it takes out all the functionality and makes it better in TEAMS.  So all this leads to one question.  What is Microsoft Planning on Outlook? will Microsoft keep Outlook working or will it retire?  Maybe it could leave Microsoft Outlook as it is and then drive user interest to TEAMS

What are the major advantages of TEAMS when compared with Outlook? this is from the development and maintenance angle.  

If you look at TEAMS its completely a could based setup and doing changes and updates is very much easy and can be done over the air or on the fly, however when you want to do changes with Microsoft Outlook either you need to get a new version rolled out or push the features using windows update.  

This makes things complicated and governance becomes more difficult as the control is with the users and not with Microsoft, on the other hand, if you look TEAMS as cloud-based, a  new feature will be available for all the tenants in a shorter time.  This again can be controlled by the organization admin but adaptability and governance become very easy.

In the future, you may use only Microsoft TEAMS as a one shop stop for all your task and all Microsoft suite products will work under TEAMS.  This make lot of thinks easier from Company and Organisation.  However, from the end-user point of view, there would be some resistance as its moving out of comfort zone.

To be honest, if we need to think of email as an offline communication tool then it should stay in Microsoft Outlook and when it moves into TEAMS your availability is seen of course you can change the status to offline but it does not happen automatically. 

Let us wait a see how Microsoft is going to build its strategy in the long run as it is becoming more evident that Microsoft TEAMS will be the future and will be a single tool to use for users.  

Microsoft Outlook death maybe not near but it is imminent and we will see a day where we end up ignoring Microsoft Outlook like Outlook Express.  Enjoy using Outlook till it cease...