Parler Removed from app stores , who controls who

Is your Brand Strategy controlled by you or by Service Provider

Parler Removed from app stores , who controls who

Where is the control? Who owns it now?  Google and Apple made the decision based on the situation, this also means that they are not the service provider but the decision-maker.

Imagine the impact it would create on the entire operations of a brand or organization due to the decision which may be taken for a situation that is temporary in nature and also mainly an uncontrolled environment.

A company makes a brand and as part of the user accessibility, the company decided to provide the different channels, however then someone steps and says that this is my platform and you adhere to it.

Now, this points towards a big question do we need to depend on these platforms, or should we step out and build our user reachability methods.  This is not only related to Parler apps or the activities carried out by Google or Apple.  All the companies and brands getting hugely dependent on 3rd Party platform which you have no control.

Can the organization build its app platform which works on Android and Google?  Is it possible to do so?  At least in Android, you can always sideload the mobile app but for Apple, it is not possible until you jailbreak the phone.   Maybe Organisation/Brand should build a hybrid app that works over on the browser so that it can only be blocked using the authorities under supervision through a government order.

We should not jump into a solution, rather look at it from a very holistic point of view in terms of your brand usability and then make a risk management approach towards managing these kinds of changes and uncertainty in Brand building strategy.