Samsung The Sero - does it have scope at home

Do you buy Samsung Sero for home?

Samsung The Sero - does it have scope at home - In India

We have just been watching Samsung Sero for some time now, seriously we still trying to get a hang of it to imagine having this at home.  

We try to imagine placing this big mobile phone (rather than calling it a TV) inside our home and did not find an apt place.  Maybe we have a small house and it could be the problem but if anyone of you has an idea to keep Samsung Sero in practical place inside your home then do comments about it as it could be an inspiration for others to buy and keep it

Samsung Sero is a good concept but the usability could be more target to commercial places like restaurants and offices.  We looked at the advertisement of Samsung on using Sero at home and it had ideas like playing a game, sharing the screen etc.

We seriously think Samsung should provide more use cases of using Sero at home which is very practical.  One particle example could be to keep the kids entertained like while tilting the phone screen, Sero screen also rotates which is a good one.

Additionally, if Sero had a touch screen at least as a layover to navigate to the options on the screen then it would be a good product in commercial establishments.  

Our imagination stops here and would be interested to see what users think about it and hear the different version. 

Samsung Sero is a good concept but needs to know what are the practical and daily use of this product at home, commercially it could a good addition to digitalizing your business.  A touchscreen would be a great addition to Sero and make it more viable.

Watch a small video from here