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Whatsapp crossing its privacy limits?

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New Privacy Terms of WhatsApp - Make or Break

New Privacy Terms of WhatsApp - Make or Break

WhatsApp's new privacy rules are being a debate on the public and social media. So what does it mean for the users of is Whatsapp? Should Whatsapp users shift to Signal or Telegram?

So let's imagine what is going to happen now after the new privacy law comes into effect?  When you share some data on WhatsApp, User data can be shared with Facebook and Facebook companies. 

Collected data may be used for building your digital model or your social identity. Whatsapp a Facebook product is now going to do very close to matching advertising and the possibilities are limitless.

The timing of this policy change is wonderful as at the lockdown time, there are a lot of businesses, schools have started using WhatsApp as one of the mediums to run their businesses and conduct classes and now moving out would be a great challenge. This also means the business, school the ecosystem built around it are hugely dependent on Whatsapp.

To be honest there is no point in thinking about privacy and data security at this time as we already have created a footprint. This also means that there is no turning back and the only option now we have is it save that data either offline and never come online. Also, we have can go back to the diary ways of doing things.

Whatsapp crossing its privacy limits?

Our final observation would be that the responsibility lies with us in terms of what we share, what we discuss, what we communicate over the Internet or on social media. This is very similar to the age-old statement "watch your words and watch your action". There is no going back and now it's your responsibility to build your character as you may feel that no one is seeing or watching your action, but the fact of the matter is that people who wanted to know, they already know.

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