WhatsApp own Status message, is this the future plan to monetize

WhatsApp Own WhatsApp Status

2021 seems to be interesting where we see Whatsapp putting out own status message about their privacy policy to all the users of Whatsapp.  Look how Indian users curiosity and concern been taken very seriously by WhatsApp management.

Is this all good and WhatsApp has been repeatedly saying that they don't use the user data or store user data, however what they are not saying is how they plan to use their tool WhatsApp to Monetize. 

Interesting for all other users status we have the option to mute them, however for WhatsApp we do not have it. Is the option of putting the status message on WhatsApp users could have been covered in the terms and condition under page xx and sentence yy and line zz

WhatsApp Own WhatsApp Status

This is a prime example and the power of Whatsapp in terms of what they can do.  Lets imagine if a company get an advertising agreement with Whatsapp wherein they will put the status message on all the users about a program, event or a promotion.  Look the mileage the company would get for a small Whatsapp status message. 

Whatsapp would be able to track the action taken on their status message, number of people who have seen and build different kind of statists around it.  So the possibility is very huge and if this to be materialize then you will see promotional status messages on your WhatsApp by which the company will make money using our time, our data and our device.

Welcome to the future of WhatsApp Marketing and Advertising and get the glimpse of the the status messages.

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