Download SHYCOWNER Mobile app if you own a Shycocan

Download & Install SHYCOWNER Mobile App for Shycocan Owners

Download SHYCOWNER Mobile app if you own a Shycocan


Today in Youth Apps, we are going to explore a new mobile app called, SHYCOWNER. This app has been released by Dr Rajah Vijay Kumar who is the inventor of Shycocan. Get to know the  SHYCOWNER mobile app features, functionality and download the original app for free.

Features of Shycowner Mobile App:

Let's look at the feature of SHYCOWNER Mobile app, these features and content are from the developer of the mobile app itself, Various tests and studies done in different parts of the world prove that the SHYCOCAN device attenuates viral particles in the air and surface by 99.9% in enclosed spaces. SHYCOCAN device is licensed to be manufactured by number of organizations to ensure that the device is made available everywhere at affordable cost.

Download SHYCOWNER Mobile app if you own a Shycocan

SHYCOCAN is safe to use in the presence of humans, pets and plants and does not interfere with other electronic or electrical machines and gadgets (Safety tests complying to appropriate standards has been done). SHYCOCAN does not use any chemicals, nor produces any harmful gases, nor produce any radiations to perform its Intended Use. It is a simple photon mediated electron emitter specifically designed for the purpose. As there are number of licensed manufacturers, the SHYCOCAN name on the device may have a prefix or suffix. It wishes you to be safe and get BACK TO BUSINESS AND INTO THE FUTURE.

How does Shycocan Works?

  • Coronavirus is a Positive-Sense virus, whose S-Protein attaches to the human cell through the ACE2 receptors due to the opposite charge. All human cells have a negative potential (about -40mV to -70mV). The virus infuses its RNA into the cells and starts to multiply, infecting the body. 
  • Shycocan continuously emits photons that form an electron cloud in an indoor space. The negative charged electrons neutralize the positive charge of the S-Protein of Coronavirus, thereby disabling it from infecting a person.

Performance Summary of SHYCOWNER

SHYCOWNER has been installed between 10+ times by users at the time of this review. SHYCOWNER app size 26M and can be installed on any Android device running version 5.0 and up.

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