Google Let's Celebrate, You are turning 24


Google Let's Celebrate, You are turning 24

Google you have been making hage impact on marry lives and It is not easy to describe What You have done in this 23 years. I feel you you are the main driving force for the technological evolution.

There one no Second in Today world Where your service is not used.  You are with everyone at everytime, and I will not say is good or bad, but is true.

So, your Job is cut out for long years to come as many and many new technology evolve, People will have more and more Query and you Would be expected to solve them too.

One fortuitous contact, it is said, can alter the direction of your life. In the case of Google, an accidental meeting between two computer experts altered the course of the Internet and millions of people's lives.

Sergey Brin, a graduate student at Stanford University, was tasked to escort Larry Page around campus in 1997, as he was considering Stanford for graduate school at the time. The two Google co-founders were designing a search engine in their dorm rooms the next year and producing their first prototype. Google Inc. was established in 1998.

Be Ready, Happy Birthday GOOGLE.