Delay your Windows 11 upgrade due to this

Windows 11 is set to be a tough transition for those that use the beta version. Based on Gartner's data, both individuals and businesses should consider if they want to make the switch.

Over the next year, Microsoft is likely to make a number of changes to Windows 11 based on user feedback. That means if you dive right into the new OS, you might face "potentially experiencing two learning curves."

The new system will have some impact on how users experience the operating system - although so far, few compatibility issues have been reported. It's currently unclear whether this will affect how many applications work on the new operating system.

This means that some apps might need to be updated within the next year or so. They will then start to adopt more of the features and look of Windows 11. This could mean additional disruption when using these applications for a while, when they finally do get updated.

There is always a chance that some unforeseen problem can happen when releasing a new OS to the masses. Testing has helped minimize this risk, but given the variety of hardware configurations out there, it's still a possibility.

So, then when to upgrade to Windows 11?

Although it will be tempting for businesses and regular users to launch straight into Windows 11, we suggest waiting out the initial teething problems that could come with such a major update. There's no guarantee that early adopters won't end up regretting their decision!

There are a range of unintended side effects that already exist. A recent example, Some have experienced poor Wi-Fi performance, while others have found that the Start menu search function is broken. Memory issues also appear to be causing a performance slowdown for some people.

AMD announced that Windows 11 is causing performance drops of up to 15% across a range of its CPUs. Microsoft is reportedly collaborating with AMD to find a solution.

Our final take, early adoption risk are small and manageable, but organizations should wait becuase Windows 7 is still been transition to Windows 10 very recently and Windows 10 still been supported.