How you can completely customize Taskbar in windows 11

 Great simple Basics tips on customizeing Windows 11 Taskbar

Great simple Basics tips on customizeing Windows 11 Taskbar

  • How to move all of your app icons over to the left-hand side
  • How you can turn on or off some of the default icons
  • How you can move your taskbar to the top of the screen

We are going to start with the basics how do  you even place an app on your taskbar well it turns out it's pretty simple within windows simply click on search and you could type in an app name and you can then right click on it and you can select pin to taskbar.   You can also open up an application and when it's open you'll see the icon on your taskbar you can right click on that icon and then you can select pin to taskbar

In a scenario  where If you no longer want an app appearing on your taskbar well you follow the exact same flow simply right click on the app icon on your taskbar and then you can select unpin. Did you notice that the icons over on the left hand side behave just a little bit differently and the first icon all the way over on the left this is probably the most recognizable this is your standard windows logo icon and left clicking on it launches the start menu

Did you know as a quick aside if you right click on it that it would opens up what some refer to as the secret start menu when you right click on it you can quickly get back to settings you could launch the task manager you could open up file explorer you could even shut down and restart your computer.

This always appears on your taskbar and the next four icons are included by default,  you have your search icon you have multiple desktops you have widgets and you have the microsoft teams icon but let's say you don't want these appearing on your taskbar well you can very easily get rid of them by simply right click on your taskbar and select taskbar settings.

Once you are in settings right up at the top you can toggle on or off whether you want those four icons appearing on your taskbar.  Once we're in settings let's move down and look at the taskbar corner settings you have something called pen you have a touch keyboard and you also have a touch pad here i'll turn on keyboard and you'll notice in the bottom right hand corner a new icon appears for a keyboard and when i click on that that opens up a virtual keyboard on my screen next up there's something called the taskbar corner overflow or what in the past was referred to as the task tray here i currently have one drive turned on and if i look down in the bottom right hand corner i see a onedrive icon directly on my taskbar i can click on that and i can access various onedrive controls when i click on the overflow icon here i can now access bucket of settings is called taskbar behavior and the very first one allows you to move all of your taskbar icons over to the left hand side this way it looks a little bit more like windows 10 instead of the default centered look that you get with windows 11.

Also you can automatically hide your taskbar this way the taskbar will only appear when you move your mouse to the bottom of the screen the next one allows you to turn on or off badges on your taskbar here when we look at taskbar on the TEAMS app i currently have a badge on it if i turnit off that badge disappears if you have multiple monitors you can decide whether you just want your taskbar to appear