Install Android Apps directly on Windows 11 via Amazon App Store

 Running android apps directly on Windows 11 via Amazon App Store

Running android apps directly on Windows 11 via Amazon App Store

Running android apps directly on Windows 11 without needing any third-party emulators or tools this is new functionality available in windows 11.

This is currently in preview, but it should soon be available to everyone; however, if you want to test it out right now, you can do it for free by joining the Windows Insider programme. This option will allow you to test all other features before they are released to the general public.

If you want to be a part of the programme, To register, go to the website listed above and click the register button. Once you've signed up for the programme, you'll be able to discover it in Windows Update and opt into the beta channel, which will allow you to run Android apps right away.

If you don't want to participate in this programme, that's fine; Windows 11 should have the capabilities in the next month or two.

To run Android apps, go to the Microsoft Store and enter in "any android app name" in the search area and you will get all of the results. Click on the app which says "mobile game," and this is how you'll find that it's an Android app.

Click on the app that says "mobile game,"

After you click on the app, you should see a message telling you to go to the Amazon App Store. This is because, in order to load Android apps, you must first go to the Amazon App Store. Microsoft uses the Amazon App Store, which is identical to the Amazon Fire Tablet's app store.

You'll need an Amazon account to get started, and you'll probably notice that a programme called "windows subsystem for android" is installed as well. Now let's download and restart of the Windows 11 PC will take some time.

windows subsystem for android

By login onto the Amazon app store after rebooting, you can install Android apps. The app shop sample is now limited to only 50 apps, however this will change over time, and the store should eventually feature the whole app store's library.

Amazon app store after rebooting, you can install Android apps

Are you confused about the differences between the Microsoft Store and the Amazon Store, and which one you should use to find Android apps?

Just go to amazon app store in Windows 11 and you will find android apps you might want.  After installation you can add the android app, games in to your start menu or you could pin it to your taskbar.

There's also the ability to snap the window and change its size; otherwise, it's exactly like any other Windows app.

Let's have a look at the Memory Usage. You can look at the resource use in the task manager, and it appears to be fairly reasonable. When consumers used android emulators, this was one of their main worries because they consume a lot of system resources. Now that it's included right into Windows, it appears to run smoothly.

We installed an app called "windows subsystem for android," and when you enter the settings, you can see all of the different files that your android apps saved to the virtualized environment. Users can choose whether it should start up when one of their Android apps is launched or run continually, depending on how quickly they want their apps to load.

This is how you can install Android apps and games on your Windows 11 computer; we won't say directly because it uses Amazon Store as a middleware.