Install a fresh or clean copy of Windows 11 on your Laptop, Desktop

 Lets see how to install a fresh or clean copy of windows 11 on your pc?

Install a fresh or clean copy of Windows 11 on your Laptop, Desktop

Do note a clean copy of windows 11 will completely erase the contents on your hard drive and it'll put a fresh copy of windows 11 on your computer.

Thats fine, but why would you want to do that?

When you upgrade it'll undoubtedly leave some files behind and who knows you may have a virus or malware on your computer and you want to be assured that you can get rid of them or you could be having a new PC and you want to get rid of any of the pre-installed bloatware.  So whatever your reason it's easy to install fresh copy.

First let's check whether your pc is even capable of running windows 11, For this Microsoft offers a pc health check tool that'll tell you whether your PC support and for that you can access that tool from this link

Download the PC health check tool and once you finish installing run the app and based on the outcome you can installing a fresh copy of windows 11.

Remember it will erase any contents on your hard drive so you'll want to make sure that you have a backup in place of any critical files that you want to keep.

You can use an external hard drive to back up your files or use the cloud approach where you can use microsoft onedrive to sync your files with the cloud.

Next step you need a product key for windows 11.  You can use a product key from windows 7 8 10 or 11 to install windows 11 all of those works.

For finding your product key go down to search on the task bar click on that and then type in command prompt click on the best match option once command prompt opens up type in the following command.

wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey

Once you hit enter this will show you what your product key is you can save it future reference and while installing Windows 11 you can enter this key value in. 

Dont worry if you don't have a license key for windows, as you can buy one direct from microsoft Website, Remember  Microsoft currently selling licenses for windows 10 but you can use that key with Windows 11.

If you previously used this computer with windows if you're reinstalling windows on that computer and you log in with the same microsoft account it should automatically activate windows for you. Now that all out of the way we can now need to create windows 11 Installation media

Visit this website ( Select the second option which read as create windows 11 installation media then click on download.

Click on downloaded  exe file, once it opens up you'll have to accept the terms click on ok next you can select your language.  You can decide whether you want to use the recommended settings and click on next on this screen you have to select where you want to create your installation media.

We recommend you creating it on a eight gigabytes Usb stick and restart your PC.

While restarting your PC, Select boot from your usb media by pressing the F2 key or you press the escape key and that'll present you with all of the different boot options and select appropriate options.

This setup flow will go through and follow the wizard for a fresh install. Please make sure to click on custom where you can select the drive where you want to install windows and now hang on for windows to install. All set for your PC to run clean Windows 11