Mac OS Monterey - Out of Beta now, read and explore what's new

Mac OS Monterey  - Out of Beta now, read what's new

Mac OS Monterey  - Out of Beta now, read and explore what's new

Apple after many months of beta testing and delays apple has finally released the latest version of mac os mac os monterey.  Monterrey is compatible with the 2015 and later macbook  as far as the size of this update is large size and expect at least five gigabytes. 

You also get a new wallpapers and new screen savers with mac os monterey

You also get a new wallpapers and new screen savers with mac os monterey, so if we go into our system preferences into desktop and screen saver you will see the dynamic desktop right here and you can change it from dark to light or of course you can change it to dynamic based on the time of day so those are new.

The standard mac os monterey wallpaper right there and as far as the screen savers go, they have the mac os monterey screen saver right here and then also the hello screen saver as well the iphone startup screen.

erase all content and settings

Inside of the system preferences,  new feature that is long overdue for mac os is that erase all content and settings.  Once you open system preferences, go up top and just click on system preferences you will see erase all content and settings and this is going to allow you to erase everything. Very useful if you wanted to sell your mac and wanted to wipe everything really quickly you can do that instead of having to manually remove your data.

low power mode

The macbook also gains another feature that's been on ios for a while and that is low power mode so this is going to be very handy if you have a macbook and want to save some battery life.

Airplay to mac with mac os monterey

Airplay to mac with mac os monterey, you will be able to airplay your videos or pictures whatever you want to from your iphone or your ipad straight to your mac and you can even use your mac as an airplay 2 speaker.  so if you want to play music off of your imac your macbook speakers you can do that via airplay.

the tab view in safari browser

There are some changes inside the safari application and most of these are going to be just like what we saw in ios and ipad os.  The main thing is it's going to be the tab view,  so if you go to your safari preferences right here and under the tab section you will see that we have two different options.  We have compact where you can see the tabs are off to the right of the address bar or separate where the tabs are below the address bar and then you also get the option to automatically collapse tab titles into icons.

The shared with you section will show you all of the received links that you received via imessage so if somebody sent you a message it will show all of the links that were sent to you right in one section and just like on ios, if you click it will take you to the exact section of the text message conversation where they sent that link.  You're going to see lot of similar changes to what we saw on ios and ipad os inside of safari and really it's the same deal with everything on mac os

Monterrey it's a lot of very similar features that we see on ios and ipad os like for example

In the control center you will see that we have the little indicator to show that, the microphone is in use in orange and green will show up next to your webcam.

Focus modes is now on mac os just like on ios and you have your focus preferences right there, if you click on that it will take you to the focus section where you can customize this to your likeing and  the alert styles can be changed.

Cool feature in mac os monterey is that you can actually view the battery percentage of a third-party bluetooth audio device.

There is changes inside  the messages application, in mac os monterey you could see this carousel view where you could see multiple images without taking up a lot of screen space.  You have the grid view, so you can see all of the images very easily.

The facetime features like shareplay, spatial audio, the portrait video available and now your video will look a lot better on facetime.  If you add that bokeh in the background all of the facetime features that we got on ios are now on mac os monterey as well and same with the shared with you feature.

There is also have live text and visual lookup,  it will show you some results whatever it may be so you can see it will search and it's going to show you.

Quick notes feature so if we hover over in the bottom right hand corner of our screen  you will see quick notes right there if you click on that it will create a new quick note so like for example if you go into safari and say you wanted to copy something from an article or a link if we just go ahead and select some of this text right here and then right click you can see you could add it to that quick note very easily.

It has it's own separate section for quick notes and you can see you have all the options in here also inside of notes we do have tags so if you want to add tags to notes you can do that as well just like you can on ios and on ipad os you could also see the last edited in shared notes. 

In system preferences there is dedicated password section so instead of being inside of the safari preferences it's now inside of our system preferences if we click on this and put in our passcode and then if we go into here and click on one of our passwords you will see all the information about it right here and if you click on edit you will see the verification code.

Like ios, we now have practically two factor authentication built in to mac os. In system preferences and go to our apple id up top right here and then go to icloud you will see the option private relay feature.  It is pretty cool feature that you can turned on here on mac os and it would hide your ip address and also hide your email address.

Inside mail application, go to the preferences for mail and then go over to privacy you can see that the mail privacy protection and this would hide your ip address and it will also load remote content privately in the background even when you don't open the message.

universal control which apple informed is it's not available in the initial build of mac os monterey.

We would definitely recommend updating the OS, as you get a lot of new features and security updates.