Walk-through of Apple Watch Series 7

Complete Walk-through of Apple Watch Series 7

Walk-through of Apple Watch Series 7

Apple released the apple watch series seven and  there's three versions available now.

1) Aluminum 2) Stainless Steel and 3) Titanium.

Aluminum comes in at $399 and you have two different sizes for all of the different watch models. 41 and 45 millimeters size this year and for the larger size it's $429.

The  stainless steel models and titanium edition models come with cellular already. So those are $699 and $749 for the stainless steel.

The Apple watch box  doesn't really look any different than before, Once we pull these tabs and it opens up, and then it has the Apple watch in it and you can see it says series seven, graphite stainless steel case along with the package.

You will find the typical paperwork that comes with  battery charging, handling, and safety Guide. It's great and it's different because this year it's USB-C. So while there's no charger in the box, they do give you a USB-C cable this year, instead of USB-A which is great.

Now let's go ahead and take a look at the watch itself. So here's the watch and the difference between stainless steel and titanium is the stainless steel is shiny and titanium is more of a matte finish. 

When we look around, it's not really any different than last year. Not sure what users would think about it. We also have the same sensors and everything.

Let's set the apple watch up, so we'll go ahead and hit continue and it says set up apple watch. So we have the series seven apple watch here and we want to set it up for myself. We're going to position this I Phone camera over a QR code and that's going on to the apple watch.

Let's see if we can get this to recognize and it says your apple watches paired...Super.

So it says restore from a backup or set up as a new apple watch will restore from a backup. Now I'll set it up as new. We'll go ahead and hit, set up as new and we'll give it just a few moment. Now it says connecting to your apple watch and this may take a moment.

Now it's asking me to agree to terms and conditions and I will do that, Let's hit agree. Wait for a moment and it says signing into your account. This may take a few minutes.

Ok let's go through the settings some more and hit okay for shared settings. Now it's asking if I want bold text size or not and I will just set to default and click on continue.

We would need to Put in a passcode, So let's do that. It's also asking if I want to keep my apple watch up to date manually or automatically. I would Select to automatic.

I am going to ignore apple pay setup, but we will setup emergency SOS. You can always press and hold the side button to call emergency services and this will also send a message to your emergency contacts.

Fall detection option pops up and let's hit continue. It should prompt for cellular setup and let's go ahead and set it up now.

Now you can install available app and apple watch is Syncying. Now Watch will go through all of the different setup and more things about apple watch series seven.


First thing we noticed is the display is definitely larger. It's 20% more screen area than the series six and that's due to borders that are reduced by 40%.

The speakers are slightly different on the side when compared with the previous model.

The stainless steel and titanium model have Sapphire crystal displays, which are very scratch resistant

Now the apple watch is set up completed and so you can see this is the default watch face it's Meridian, although it's not the newer watch faces.

Let's look at the settings and see which version is pre-installed. Now  go to general and then select about, we can see that it is watchOS version 8.0 with a build number of 19R346, you should get an update to this watch version as well.

You will see it wraps around the edge, this display is noticeably larger than the other one and it's 70% brighter indoors with your wrists down.

The passcode is definitely larger on the series seven and It gives you an idea of overall size with the display. You may also observe the larger buttons and that's all throughout the OS. Let's look at calculator, the buttons should be much larger.  We also have a full-size keyboard on the series seven.

Now charging your watch should be up to 33% faster, according to Apple and that's something new. The battery is no different but you are going to get any additional battery life according to apple at this point.

You do get an increased IP rating though IP 6, which makes it more dust resistant as well.

The differences is the larger display, brighter display when in ambient mode or always on display with smaller borders and
also you have that keyboard.

So enjoy your new Apple watch Series 7