Microsoft item insights overview

Microsoft 365 - Item Insights

Microsoft item  insights overview

Microsoft 365 is the world's most popular productivity cloud, with many features tailored to you, the user. When you engage with resources in Microsoft 365, such as files, you generate signals that Microsoft aggregates and assembles into a graph for your company. The signal data is represented in the graph as relationships between you and other resources. Insights that fuel a few Microsoft 365 experiences are derived from signals in the graph. Suggestions for the optimum time for the next team meeting, assistance in sorting personal and work information on your phone, and a variety of additional intelligence scenarios are just a few examples.

The amount of digital activity in our work life is growing. More email, more chats, more mentions, documents, and tools. It’s getting harder to find things and keep up with important conversations. But with Microsoft 365 every spark of collaboration creates these tiny bits of data. Not much by themselves but together they combine in ways that form a rich layer of understanding.

Microsoft calls these Item Insights, They’re super useful to help you get to the content you need and surface things that you may have missed or save you time tracking down that document you need to get your hands on.

As insights grow, information and expertise moves more freely across your team and projects. Under the hood there’s some complex machine learning combining bits of data connecting the dots. And lots of safeguards too.

Microsoft makes sure no one can get Insights from your private documents. And colleagues can only see Insights built on content that they already have access to. Nothing gets recommended to the wrong eyes.

The files under Recommended on are an example of an experience aided by item insights. Microsoft Graph collects signals from files you have access to that have continuous activity, deduces item insights from these signals, and uses these insights to recommend files so you can quickly identify the ones that mean the most to you. With item insights, you can rapidly access the papers that are most important to you.

Disabling Item Insights removes intelligence from your experience. Your recommendations are less personalized, information is harder to find, and your signals will no longer empower others. But by default Item Insights are enabled to help you and your team share knowledge and to achieve more.