Satisfying Best Apps for Education on the Go

The Best Apps for Education on the Go  - Always Learning

The Best Apps for Education on the Go  - Always Learning

Looking for an algebra refresher or logo design tutorial? Been itching to learn Mandarin — or Java? With Google top learning app picks, you can do it all, where you want and when you want.

Khan Academy by Khan Academy

Khan Academy by Khan Academy

Why Google love this 
  1. Students of all ages will find something to learn, with many courses by year (primary to secondary school) 
  2. Interactive quizzes with thousands of questions, plus helpful videos and hints for when you get stuck 
  3. A rich course library: in-depth maths and science content, plus offerings in humanities, economics, and more
Often used by educators, Khan’s classes are free, with no account required. However, you’ll need to sign in for “Missions,” a feature that saves your progress and guides your learning. The curriculum is designed around the US school system, but contains plenty of valuable content for UK students.

Udemy - Online Courses by Udemy

Udemy - Online Courses by Udemy

Why Google love this
  1. Choose from over 45,000 courses with a range of subjects and instructors, paying for only the classes you want 
  2. Find exactly what you want — say, freestyle rap or 3D animation — along with that soap-making class you didn’t know you needed 
  3. Many affordable options thanks to frequent sales, with a 30-day money back guarantee for all courses
Anyone can teach on Udemy, which means you can find a range of courses on almost anything. It also means the homepage can feel overwhelming, and there’s no common standard for quality, which varies widely. However, free sample videos and numerous course reviews should point you in the right direction.

Linkedin Learning: Online Courses to Learn Skills by Linkedin

Linkedin Learning: Online Courses to Learn Skills by Linkedin

Why Google love this 
  1. Professionals can expand or deepen their skillsets through comprehensive tech, creative, and business courses 
  2. Explore the entire library of courses with a free 30-day trial 
  3. Course recommendations based on your interests and informed by your LinkedIn profile, or even assigned by your manager
Bite-size, downloadable videos make it easy to learn at your convenience. A monthly subscription includes access to all courses — the same content available on LinkedIn-owned — and a LinkedIn Premium subscription. Produced in-house, videos are of consistent quality, if sometimes dry.

Coursera by Coursera, Inc.

Coursera by Coursera, Inc.

Why Google love this 
  1. Take university courses from respected institutions, wherever you are 
  2. Dig deep into a subject with “Specializations,” such as Wharton’s 6-course Business Foundations 
  3. Get recognition for your work with course and Specialization certificates, or even earn an accredited online master’s degree
There’s a lot to explore on Coursera, and you can usually do so for free — by “auditing” a class or viewing lectures without enrolling. However, these options are a bit buried; much more prominent is the option to earn certificates through self-paced Specialization bundles with a range of monthly prices.

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