Satisfying Google Next, Home Security from Google

Know about home security from google

Satisfying Google Next, Home Security from Google

The easy way to keep your home safe and check on it from anywhere.

The nest doorbell an intelligent battery-powered doorbell with a built-in camera, this is the battery-powered nest cam it runs on a rechargeable battery and can be placed anywhere around your home and google's wired nest cam google's most affordable indoor camera.

With all these intelligent cameras you can keep an eye on your home whether you're at home or from anywhere.   Your phone it's like having your own private security, just set them up and stream live footage of your home anytime with a google home app.

Nest doorbell can check in on your front door and it comes in four different colors, It also knows the difference between people, animals, packages or vehicles and it even sends you intelligent alerts like if a package arrives. Let's say you're out grabbing some groceries nest doorbell's built-in intelligence will alert you if it spots a person package animal or vehicle it can even recognize familiar faces.

The wire free doorbell can be installed in any type of home and is easy to set up yourself or you can have it wired in like a regular doorbell and never have to charge it. It even lets you send a quick pre-recorded response with a tap, after the storm passes through and the power and wi-fi go out all good nest doorbell's battery lets it record even when the power's out it can store up to an hour of recorded events on its local memory so once the wi-fi is back you can see how your house handled the storm.  Nest doorbell's video history lets you rewatch events from up to the past three hours so you can find out what happened

Nest cams can help you look after the rest of your home just like nest doorbell.  Nest cameras and doorbell all have a built-in mic and speaker so you can listen in and talk back right from your phone and if you want to fend off unexpected visitors there's the nest cam with floodlight which automatically shines a light on suspicious activity,  it'll also record and let you re-watch clips of important events from up to the past three hours but if you want to go further back in time sign up for nest aware in the google store starting at six bucks a month you'll get 30 days of event playback.

Nest cams can recognize familiar faces like your dog walker so your security will know who's a regular and who's not on the list so it.  let's say it's late and you hear a noise outside hey google show me the front door camera now you can check in from bed and get a clear picture with night vision.

Keep an eye on your door from anywhere that's the battery-powered nest doorbell from google