Whats is new Microsoft Loop - Think-Plan-Create

Know more about Microsoft Loop

Know more about Microsoft Loop

Microsoft have introduced something called microsoft loop and it is a notion like clone.

Microsoft loop is a new office app and it's designed for the hybrid workplace which was recently released in their ignite event.   Microsoft loop is an aiming to help you think,plan and create together and Microsoft describes itself as a powerful and flexible canvas with portable components that move freely and helps you stay in sync across applications.

Microsoft is trying to match what notion does with their wonderful work, Microsoft definitely want to take the top spot for this application and it has a notion like design.

Microsoft Loop has three core elements

  • loop components
  • loop pages
  • loop workspaces

Microsoft Loop has three core elements behind it

With loop components, This is an evolution of the fluid components microsoft is bringing into the microsoft loop ecosystem, so microsoft loop components are interactive live elements that can be shared across other applications as  we have seen this inside of microsoft teams.  Microsoft loop components are really interactive and hey're adding three more in recent updates the 1) a voting table - you can collaborate with teams in real time to drive consensus and finalize decision making 2) a new status tracker -  To gather information for your team tracking progress on a certain project and keeping up to date in real time 3) Share projects -  This is something gets deeper and being able to share an entire project view

Microsoft loop components  - New editions is trying to take on "coda" as in making a new way.  Using this you can view and manage your projects in real time.

Loop pages, it takes on notion and it's a flexible canvas for you to organize the live components. It's a place for you to share files links and data and collaborate in real time. The preview is not that great as people commenting sharing emojis and moving in real time making it shabby to watch, hopefully by the time of actual release this may look great.  Loop pages probably will be the feature that takes on notion.

Loop workspaces is a shared spaces that allow you and your team to group everything important to your project,  this can bring everything together in one place.  In the left side with the pages area you can get the live elements and create spaces for your team.  Get everything in one go through microsoft ecosystem.  You can bring everything in one location and coordinate it there, microsoft is trying to push the synchronous and asynchronous communication together for their hybrid environment.

Microsoft loop brings everything together keeping you and your team productive

Microsoft loop brings everything together keeping you and your team productive and they aim to release the component element across a microsoft 365 platforms on teams, outlook and onenote.

Techcrunch is tagging it the next google wave and there are lot of traction about the application similar to notion. Microsoft loop lacks many abilities and databases that notion does, however this will keep the notion and code on their feet as a potential like competitor in the market.

Source: microsoft youtube video