5 Excellent Resources for Writing Blog Posts in 2022 on Trending Topics

 Top 5 Free Resource to get you next blog post article in 2022

5 Excellent Resources for Writing Blog Posts in 2022 on Trending Topics

Finding trending content is the key to getting quality readers to your website, along with it writing on topics that are popular and are being shared on social media platforms is one of the best ways to increase the visibility and traffic to your blog posts.

Trending topics gain traction in that they are more valuable to the reader and following and posting about the latest news in your field shows your domain expertise. A content marketing strategy should always include a section on industry trends.

So let's look at the five most valuable sources for finding the Trending Topics.

  • Google Trends is a free tool that provides very useful features which allow you to conduct comparative keyword research to determine which keywords are being discussed the most used or searched. The tool allows you to analyze trends for the web, images, videos, and Google Shopping. You can also search for trending stories by category and location.
  • Google Trends also provides you with real-time information and also in a certain time frame which is very useful for you to understand the trends and the keywords/search string for writing a good trending article in your domain.

  • LinkedIn Pulse/News helps you find some of the top stories and professional conversations. These stories are curated by LinkedIn editors and include content both on and off the platform. The quality of discussion in this platform is great and hence it's a very important source.
  • You may find the conversation title and also the number of people who are talking about, this gives your a fair estimate for you to determine the trend and also what would be the potential interest towards the topics and keyboards. To get your fix of trending content, go to the "What People Are Talking About Now" section.

  • Quora has grown many folds and in 2022 it is still very relevant if you are trying to find a top keyboard or trending topics. Quora is one of the best communities for discovering trending content. If you look at the popular questions in Quora, you will get a fair idea of the topics you can write to attract more users. Quora platform allows you to follow the relevant topics in your niche/domain.

  • Once your start following, you immediately see the 'Top Stories/Questions’ in your Quora newsfeed. Using various filters in Quora you can see the 'New Questions' option. Quora community is very active and yes there is the question which is not qualified to be, but that is how it is. So pick your topics with some research from Quora.

  • Feedly, if you are hearing for the first time then it's time for some more research. Feedly is one more great resource for finding out what's topics are hot right now. Once you subscribe, you would need to choose the most popular blogs in your domain. A Feedly user interface allows you to easily find relevant publications by selecting a category. Subscribing to the feed and altogether the content will appear in your Feedly dashboard. Feedly is a freemium app that works on both desktop and mobile devices.

  • Medium finds your rending content in your domain and it is also a platform for publishing content that is completely free to use. Medium community helps in discovering truly remarkable content. As a user of Medium, you can use the platform's category search to find popular blog posts and choose which topic you want to write about. Medium is accessible on your desktop or downloads its mobile app.

  • On the platform, you can follow individuals and categories. When you do, the most recent stories from them will appear in your feed. Another section worth looking at is "Popular on Medium."

Hope you have got a fair idea about the various source which you can use for finding the trending keywords, topics in 2022. These sites have been there for a long and their credibility has increased over the years. When you start off you don't need to reinvent the wheel, but use the spin to join the group and then use the data to mine the diamond inside it.