Configuring Jeevan Pramaan mobile App for submitting annual life certificate

Configuring Jeevan Pramaan mobile App

In this article we will know how to configure Jeevan Pramaan mobile App.  This step can only be performed after installing Jeevan Pramaan mobile App and also AadhaarFaceRd mobile app. 

Jeevan Pramaan Face App Configuration is straight forward if you have experience in installing various mobile apps, however if you don't have any experience then we suggest you go through this guide for information.  Even after going through the article, you are not able to install, then we recommend you to visit any mobile shop and show this article for them to help you getting this application installed and configured.  If all the option does not work, then call the helpline 1800 111 555 for support

Steps, Screen and Option which you need to press while configuring Jeevan Pramaan mobile app

Click on the Jeevan Pramaan Face App icon on your Android Smartphone, and after which the following pop-up is shown, Click on YES

In the next step, you will receive a pop-up screen as below. Click on yes if you want to proceed towards Face Scan based Authentication.  

After that you need to allow the permissions shown below in order to proceed further. 

This section provides few Guidelines while proceeding towards Face Scan, click on proceed to move towards Face Scan Authentication. 

In the Face Authentication screen, keep your face straight and follow the instructions shown on screen

For proper results ensure:

  1. Position: For capturing facial image, it is advisable that adjust the camera at the right distance or in the right posture.
  2. Frontal pose needs to be captured i.e. no head rotation or tilt. The Pensioner should be
  3. instructed to be seated properly with their back upright and their face towards the camera. It is strongly recommended that the face should be captured with neutral (non-smiling) expression, teeth closed, and both eyes open and looking into the camera.
  4. Illumination: Poor illumination has a high impact on the performance of face recognition. Proper and equally distributed lighting mechanism should be used such that there are no shadows over the face, no shadows in eye sockets, No light exactly above the ,can cause shadows. Light should be diffused and placed in front of the Pensioner so that there are no shadows under the eye.
  5. Eye Glasses: If the person normally wears glasses, it is recommended that the photograph be taken with glasses. However, the glasses should be clear and transparent. Dark glasses /tinted glasses should be taken off before taking the photograph.

Some of the actionable feedbacks in software are:
  1. No face Found
  2. Enrolee too far
  3. Pose (Look Straight)
  4. Insufficient lighting
  5. Very low face confidence
  6. Non-uniform lighting (of face in output image)
  7. Incorrect background (in output image)
  8. Insufficient lighting (bad grey values in face area of output image) 

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