Download 3D Spatializer App By DIGISONIC – Honoree CES Innovation Awards 2022

3D Spatializer App By DIGISONIC

Download 3D Spatializer App By DIGISONIC

It is an app that converts stereo music, movie sound, and game sound into 7.1 channel surround in real time for earphone headphone users. 5.1, 7.1, 3D source sound can experience a more realistic 3D sound. Main Functions Real-time 3D Spatial Audio Conversion Out Head Localization Stereo to 7.1 Channel Upmix Play Download Music and Video

CES 2022 Innovation Award Winner – two categories: Mobile App and Personal Audio

Since the founding of Digisonic in 2015, they have been developing an innovative stereophonic sound algorithm, thus, growing into a global unicorn company in the immersive media and metaverse industries

DIGISONIC generates and acquires source filter algorithm data. Acquiring HRIR audio data after? Filtering the input of sound source is a key to 3D Audio technology. In the absence of the further advancement of HRIR audio data processing technology, the development of 3D audio technology has been limited by the software application.

Experience EX-3D metaverse sound anytime, anywhere.

Experience EX-3D metaverse sound anytime, anywhere. DIGISONIC’s real-time binaural renderer reproduces realistic sound by converting existing sound sources into 3D spatial sound real-time in areas such as games, music, concerts, OTT, metaverse, etc.

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