In 2022, will Artificial Intelligence (AI) replace your job?

Is your Jobs at risk in 2022 due to development in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Is your Jobs at risk in 2022 due to development in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We've been worried for a long time that artificial intelligence (AI) and other forms of robots might take our employment. Should we be concerned about the advancement of artificial intelligence and robots? Is artificial intelligence (AI) about to take over the world? Will it, more crucially, take your job? Or maybe kidnap your boyfriend?

Yes, There are high possibility that in the coming years below jobs which has been done by humans can be replaced by AI, Robots or BOTS.

Tidio decided to conduct their own research and polled over 1,200 people; the results of the survey are as follows, and they are rather surprising.

In a few years, nearly 69 percent of college grads believe AI will take their work or make it obsolete.

The vocations most likely to be taken over by AI technology were identified as cashiers (63 percent of respondents), drivers (51 percent), and translators (42 percent). Customer service personnel and warehouse workers are also next in line, according to about 25% of respondents.

  • More than half of respondents think AI will take control of the economy is a good thing.
  • During rush hour, more than 60% of respondents said they would take a self-driving AI cab.
  • 78 percent of those polled believe AI will be used to propagate false information.

Customer service A common AI application is chatbots. They use machine learning and natural language processing to determine message intent (NLP). Chatbots can scan communications in real time and respond quickly to frequently asked questions. Businesses use them to save money and improve customer service.

While artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are becoming increasingly important in law and healthcare, they typically serve as go-betweens for specialists and clients or patients.


Grace, a robotic "nurse" created by Hanson Robotics, is still more of a hospital receptionist than a true nurse. And the vast majority of patients would feel uneasy in her presence.

Artificial intelligence is a legitimate source of concern. The acceptance of said technology by various demographic groups is also ligitemiate. Fears of AI are most prevalent among the well-educated and women. Technology may once again be a factor that exacerbates social divisions.

For the time being, the unveiling of Tesla and Elon Musk's new robot was merely a publicity stunt. However, for a significant portion of society, the AI revolution may imply a change in jobs or lifestyle. Our primary concerns should be the anticipated disruptions in the job market, education, and transportation. Before things spiral out of control.

Conclusion, We live in an era of rapid technological advancement and we should accept the fact that we all are here as part of the evolution of human race and this would be evolution of AI & Robot and lets make our self ready to be part of the AI, ML, Robot evolution