New apps that expected to perform in 2022

New apps that expected to perform in 2022

Each month, Google share the just-launched apps about which they are most excited. To wrap up 2021, Google is featuring their top five picks – the most popular apps across Google monthly spotlights.

Habit Tracker - Habit Diary by Leap Fitness Group -18MB - IM+Download

Habit Tracker - Habit Diary by Leap Fitness Group -18MB - IM+Download

More than just a tracker, this self-improvement app will help you first choose which habits to build. Identify your goals – like living healthier or trying new things – then choose from suggested habits or create your own. Stick to your goals with the help of reminders (including a motivational note to self). Upgrade to take on specific 30-day challenges.

Moises: The Musician's App by Moises Systems - 32MB - 5M+ Download 

Moises: The Musician's App by Moises Systems - 32MB - 5M+ Download

It’s not often we come across an app that makes the super technical, super approachable. Moises manages just this, letting you manipulate music tracks with ease. Switch up a song’s pitch and playback speed; remove or isolate vocals and instruments; and more. Whether you’re a producer, music student, or karaoke lover, look to Moises to work on your tunes.

Uptime: 5-min Books, Courses, Documentaries by UPTIME APP LIMITED - 17 MB - 100K+ Download 

Uptime: 5-min Books, Courses, Documentaries by UPTIME APP LIMITED - 17 MB - 100K+ Download

Want to soak up Spike Lee’s masterclass on acting, a documentary on fungi, and Malcom Gladwell’s 'Talking to Strangers' all in 15 minutes? Consider it done with Uptime’s five-minute crash courses, or 'Knowledge hacks' – succinct summaries that focus on key insights. Take it all in by watching, reading or listening.

Videoleap Editor by Lightricks by Lightricks Ltd. - 39 MB - IM+ Download

Videoleap Editor by Lightricks by Lightricks Ltd. - 39 MB - IM+ Download

Create ambitious videos with this easy-to-use editor. Undo and redo edits to your heart’s content as you play around with blending, film filters, double exposure, audio fading and more. Just looking to throw on some cute stickers? You’ll find them here, too. While you can’t record video in-app, it retains your film’s original resolution.

Wombo: Make your selfles sing by Wombo Studios Inc - 63 MB - 50M+ Download 

Wombo: Make your selfles sing by Wombo Studios Inc - 63 MB - 50M+ Download

Who let the dogs out? You did – thanks to Wombo. Snap a selfie, pick a song and tap the 'W' to let the AI do its magic. Get ready to see yourself lip sync with all the swagger of true karaoke royalty – and laugh. Upgrade to cut out those annoying ads, and access premium songs like Shaggy’s Bombastic and Borat’s Bing Bong.