Amazon Amp, a challenge for clubhouse

Welcome to Amazon Amp, Air your own radio station and be your own DJ

Amazon Amp, a challenge for clubhouse

Stream your own radio show with the songs you love. Amp users will be able to host live radio shows and perform as DJs (Disc Jockeys) by playing songs from Amazon Music and taking calls.

Amp is a community where individuals get together to produce live, shared radio broadcasts using music they enjoy for no cost.

The Amp music library contains tens of millions of licenced songs to curate for your audience, including throwbacks, obscure oldies, and today's newest. And we're adding millions more every day.

On Amp, it's simple to share your voice and favourite tunes with the rest of the world. Choose a show title, make a playlist, and you'll be streaming your own radio programme to live audiences and taking callers in seconds.

Play some music. Riff on a sport or a piece of pop culture. Share your favourite tracks and playlists with other music fans. Call in to live shows to interact with hosts in real time. Create an infinite number of show formats, such as sports recaps, themed song countdowns, pop culture news reactions, and more. The microphone is yours.

Some of the world's top entertainers call Amp home and you can Listen to top creators, athletes, and artists to experience radio in your own unique manner. Discover new creators before they become well-known.

Frequently Asked Questions on Amazon Amp App

How do I get an Access Code? And why do I need one?

  • You’ve probably noticed we’re in Beta (aka test mode). Which means limited capacity for a bit. You can get an Access Code one of three ways — by downloading Amp from the App Store and joining the waitlist

Can I really play licensed music on Amp, and how do I do it?

  • The Amp music library has tens of millions of licensed songs to curate for your audience. You can add songs to your show anytime during show set up or when you're live by navigating to the "Playlist" tab. You'll see an "Add Songs" button, where you can search the Amp library and create your own playlist of songs for your show

When will Amp be available in my country or region?

  • We're in Beta (aka test mode), and building this together. While Amp is only available in the US at the moment, making it available to creators and listeners across the globe is on the roadmap.

When will Amp be available on Android?

  • Android is coming. In the meantime, to stay updated on all things Amp, and be informed of upcoming product updates, you can sign up to the Amp Newsletter

I need help with search and discovery

  • We're in Beta (aka test mode), and building this together. Rest assured, we're hard at it working on features like search and making it easier to automatically link to a profile

How can I listen to Queen Radio if I don't live in the US, or have Android?

  • Barbz, we got you. Our team is working towards Android. And making Amp available in your country is super important to us. Until then, you’ll be able to hear episodes of Queen Radio as archived shows on Amazon Music.

Begin your Amp journey on the right foot by knowing the app better.