Are you looking for a YouTube Vanced? Then check out Alternatives To Watch YouTube Videos Without Ads

To Watching YouTube Videos Without Ads, check the alternative mobile apps 

To Watching YouTube Videos Without Ads, check the alternative mobile apps

After Google filed a legal complaint against the platform, the YouTube Vanced video streaming app was shut down. Vanced is a clone of YouTube's premium edition that allows you to watch videos without ads and in the background. The service will be shut down in the next few days, and all download links will be erased, according to the proprietors of Vanced.

Vanced is essentially a free premium version of the YouTube app that removes all of the annoying video ads that come with the free YouTube sign-up these days. Vanced has its own take on the black theme, and its popularity has risen as a result of the recent news.


  • Yet another Vanced-like service for YouTubers, with free access to all videos on Android smartphones. NewPipe provides premium features such as background content playback, ad-free video streaming, the ability to download videos, and picture-in-picture mode. You can't play content from the middle because NewPipe isn't linked to Google in any way, and the user interface will probably take some getting used to.


  • Another non-app option for consumers is Kiwi Browser, which, like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, is built on the Chromium engine. It provides web extensions that may be installed to stream ad-free videos, and you can sign in to your account to access other services such as syncing your watch history, leaving comments, and so on.


  • SkyTube is another Vanced option that provides its services without requiring you to sign in with your Google ID. The material will be ad-free, and users will be able to subscribe to channels, make playlists, and even block channels that they do not want to see in their feed.

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