New apps that Google love this March

 Google's list of promising new apps this March

New apps that Google love this March

Google always on the hunt for promising new apps – for the clever designs and innovations that make life more enriching, efficient and entertaining. Here are the rising stars and just-launched gems that Google is most excited about right now.

Stories FM - Stories, Audio Books & Podcasts
Pocket FM -  15 MB - 100K+

Listen to the latest radio shows, audiobooks, and podcasts from various Indian voice-over artists with Stories FM. Explore from a collection of audiobooks covering multiple genres, live FM radio supporting 5+ regional languages, 12000+ stories that we grew up listening to, relaxing music to help you sleep better, and so much more.

Dream by WOMBO
Wombo Studios Inc  -  10 MB - IM+

Generate a wild work of art in seconds with this innovative, AI-powered app. Choose from more than 15 styles, such as the surrealistic 'S.Dali' or neon-accented 'Blacklight', then type in a prompt (literally anything) and watch your otherworldly design come to life. Tap the dice for something new or, if you’re not ready to let go, you can save the image and purchase a print on Wombo’s web store.

The Body Coach
The Body Coach -  13 MB - 50K+

Meet your health goals with British trainer and cookbook author Joe Wicks (aka The Body Coach). You’ll get a personalised plan based on factors such as lifestyle, diet and pre-existing health conditions. Tune into weekly live workouts with Joe, plus on-demand classes ranging from HIIT to core to yoga, including quick five-minute challenges. We love how easy it is to map out the week ahead, including a recipe shopping list.

Source: Google Play Store