New mobile apps that Google is betting on

New apps that Google love  

New mobile apps that Google is betting on

Google always on the hunt for promising new apps – for the clever designs and innovations that make life more enriching, efficient and entertaining. Here are the rising stars and just-launched gems that Google most excited about right now.

Daily Diary: Journal with Lock

New mobile apps that Google is betting on

Your diary is for your eyes only. Keep your most personal thoughts and feelings safe with a daily diary by setting a password, fingerprint or face ID to access your entries. As you journal, attach photos to keep memories fresh and check in with your emotions using the mood tracker. Then, use the calendar view to reflect on your life’s moments.

Daily journal & mood tracker. Your photo journal, diary with lock for every day

Daily Diary 📔 Journal with Lock - is your personal journal for every day. It is a diary with a lock and mood tracker for you to note your experiences, explore your emotions and add photos to the entries. Make it your private and secure notebook, use it as a journaling app for free.

Save your memories in your Daily Diary and keep them secure from curious eyes by using password, fingerprint or face-ID. Note the mood and use the emotion tracker to learn what makes you feel better. The app is beautiful and simple to use.


Geneva is an all-in-one communication app

Make any place feel like home with Geneva. Create 'homes' to chat with a group, then split off into 'rooms' for specific topics – just like you would at an IRL gathering. Stay in touch through audio, video or text chats, and keep the fun going by planning events from film nights to virtual dance parties. Take note: Geneva focuses on connecting existing social groups, so you’ll need to use a phone number or invite link to add people to a chat.

Group chat, voice, & video

Geneva is an all-in-one communication app designed for organized, ongoing conversations with all your favorite people. Join or create a home and set up chat, post, audio, video, and broadcast rooms for specific topics.

Whether you're aimlessly hanging with best friends, keeping your club members on the same page, or sharing opinions with peers across the country — there’s a place for everyone here.