Oracle Database World - 26 April 2022

Oracle Database World  - Tuesday, April 26 at 12 noon ET 

Oracle Database World

Oracle Database World is almost here! Benefit from tips, insights, and guidance for simplifying how you extract value and insights from data, delivered by the top experts and architects behind Oracle Database. You’ll get practical, technical knowledge that you can put to use in 18 sessions across three tracks—each featuring a hands-on lab. 

Simplify app development, mission-critical databases, and analytics 

Choose from three tracks focused on mastering data complexity 

Oracle Database World enables you to reduce the complexities of developing modern data-driven applications, running mission-critical databases, and gaining new insights using cutting-edge analytics. Hear what Oracle experts are saying about the sessions that kick off each of the three tracks.

Application Development Made Simple 

“Converged database technologies can help developers regain their productivity and meet deadlines,” observes Gerald Venzl, distinguished product manager at Oracle. Join Gerald’s session to learn how converged technologies streamline tooling, framework support, and integration requirements—resulting in accurate timelines and satisfied business owners. 

Mission Critical Databases Made Simple 

“To make better decisions and improve customer experiences, you must enable fast and reliable data access,” says Maria Colgan, distinguished product manager at Oracle. Maria’s session will cover the database technology solutions and best practices that help enterprises easily keep their mission-critical systems running 24/7. 

Data Analytics Made Simple 

“It used to take weeks to build a data mart,” notes Patrick Wheeler, vice president of product management at Oracle. “But today’s business owners want fast, actionable insights from raw data.” Join Patrick’s session and discover how you can easily build a cloud data mart that delivers real results—in just 20 minutes. 

Source: Oracle Communication