Fitness at your fingertips with these Google recommended apps

Fitness at your fingertips

Fitness at your fingertips with these Google recommended apps

Only within a healthy body, can a healthy mind exist – one that strives towards success. These fitness and yoga apps help you get in shape and lead a healthy life.  Start your fitness journey with the below google recommended fitness mobile apps Fitness & Gym Workout Fitness & Gym Workout mobile app

Make your fitness plans flexible with Cult – choose to workout at their premium gyms or at home via the app. Find dieticians and other specialists for your fitness concerns. is a health and fitness powerhouse that takes a holistic approach to physical and mental well being. At, we make workouts fun, mental fitness easy with yoga & meditation, and medical & lifestyle care hassle-free. Our philosophy? #BeBetterEveryDay

With over 500 fitness centres, boasts of being the largest fitness chain in India and the biggest pool of fitness coaches who are world-class.


1. Trainer led Group workouts: At Cult, enjoy trainer-led group workouts like Yoga, Dance fitness, Boxing, Strength & Conditioning and more. If you would like to experience this, then book upto two Free group workouts on the app.

2. Gym workouts: Prefer working out by yourself? Access the best gyms in your city with cultpass. Give your fitness routine an upgrade and workout with the best trainers and a Smart Workout Planner that can help you achieve your fitness goals. Want to give this a try before you make up your mind? Book a FREE workout session on the app.

3. Fitness at Home: Whether you are too caught up to leave home or if you are on a holiday but don’t want to give your fitness a miss, then sign up for cultpass LIVE and workout online from the comfort of your home. Get access to a range of home workouts that are goal-based or trainer-led online workouts and live home workout videos. Sign up to 7 days FREE trial and get trained by professional fitness coaches, track your workout performance in real-time and compete with other users to see who tops the ranking after each fitness session.

To get a membership, buy a cultpass that suits your need:

  • cultpass ELITE - Get unlimited access to Cult centres, gyms and live workouts
  • cultpass PRO - Get unlimited access to gyms and live workouts and limited access to Cult centres
  • Cultpass LIVE - Get unlimited access to a trainer-led live workout video

Every workout or fitness session with is designed to meet specific goals - be it weight loss, cardiovascular endurance, strength, stamina, or more. You need not be a regular gym-goer before joining our fitness sessions. In fact, you may never have visited a gym, but you could still start your fitness journey with

Growfitter Rewards for Health

Growfitter Rewards for Health

Turn your workouts and fitness activities into rewarding experiences with Growfitter. Track activities and participate in challenges to earn points which can be redeemed for rewards and discounts.

Get rewards for health & fitness! Growfitter leads a whole new era of fitness apps. It motivates users to get fit by gamifying the fitness journey. Walk, run, cycle or take our health quiz to win exciting prizes. Set goals according to your desired fitness results. Be it weight loss, overall health improvements or simply to walk and earn.

Growfitter is striving to make the world a fitter place, and what better way than to spread joy along the way.

Growfitter enables you to:

- Walk, run, cycle, or take our health quiz to complete Active Days and win rewards for achieving your fitness goal
- Fitness Challenges push us all to our limits. Challenge your friends, family, colleagues or even gym buddies and win exciting rewards while having a blast with the Growfitter fitness community!
- Walk and earn 1 Growfitter Point for every 1,000 steps you take
- Track your daily steps and fitness activities on the Growfitter mobile app and soon step tracking will be available with your fitness band
- Our leaderboard allows you to compete with your ‘Friends’ and keep track with real-time updates

Since sharing is caring, referrals lead to 20 Growfitter Points. Get friends and family involved so they can win daily rewards while bettering their lives too. No matter what their goals, be it weight loss or overall health improvements.


Walk and earn rewards. We offer Short-term & Long-term rewards, ranging from:
-International Hotel stay
-Fitness band
-Discount voucher
-Protein shaker
-Health & Fitness merchandise
-Bluetooth speaker
And more! There’s something to keep everyone on track.

Choose your workout regime with the recommended mobile app