Microsoft introduces Power Pages, a new Power Platform product for business website

Know all about Microsoft Power Pages

Know all about Microsoft Power Pages

Assume you want to create a mission-critical, data-driven external website. Perhaps it's a customer FAQ service or a portal where partners can communicate or you work in government and wish to simplify permission applications or funding. If only there was a more efficient and secure approach to reach your company objectives.

Microsoft has introduced Microsoft Power Pages. This is a low code development and hosting platform which is ideal for building business-centric websites, whether you're a low code maker or a professional developer. Design, configure and publish your site for both desktop and mobile through a fluid visual experience and you can choose from a variety of rich, customizable templates to suit your unique business needs. You can add advanced capabilities with Visual Studio code. Use the data workspace for business data modeling and visualization, and maintain enterprise-grade security and site management with role-based access controls. And because Power Pages is part of Power Platform, it's just as easy to streamline your business processes and automate workflows all through one convenient, comprehensive platform. So, whether you're building partnerships, serving citizens or supporting customers, Power Pages can help you build just the website you need fast.

What is Microsoft Power Pages

Microsoft Power Pages is a secure, enterprise-grade, low-code software as a service (SaaS) platform for developing, hosting, and managing modern business websites. Power Pages helps you to quickly build, configure, and publish webpages that operate across web browsers and devices, whether you're a low-code creator or a professional developer.

Power Pages offers rich, configurable templates, a fluid visual experience through a revamped design studio, and a new, integrated learning centre to help you quickly construct webpages that meet your specific business needs.

With Microsoft Design Studio you can create customizable experiences or easily construct with ready-to-use templates. Create pages with text, video, images, and business data forms and lists.

Data modelling and visualisation helps to Capture and save business data in Dataverse tables before modelling it with an easy-to-use table designer.

Power Pages is the most recent addition to the Microsoft Power Platform family. Power Pages allows you to create websites by leveraging the same shared business data saved in Microsoft Dataverse that you use to create apps, processes, intelligent virtual agents, reports, and analytics with other Microsoft Power Platform components in your organisation.