Microsoft Viva Sales can boost your CRM and make QTC a easy process

Supercharge your CRM with Microsoft Viva Sales

Microsoft Viva Sales can boost your CRM

Time is money, and relationships are crucial for sellers. However, the majority of vendors only spend a third of their time with customers; the remainder is taken up with busy work.

Microsoft Viva Sales brings everything sellers need right to where they already work and logs and tracks everything automatically so they can focus on their customers and close deals. 

Daisy is a seller who spends a lot of time in Teams and Outlook to connect with her customers. In the past, she had to rely on her memory, her email history and her CRM to get context and keep the deal moving forward. Now, with Microsoft Viva Sales, she easily marks contacts as customers with a click directly from Outlook. 

The customer interaction Daisy adds in Outlook is automatically synced to her CRM, so her customer interactions are all logged and she can see her key deal info right in her flow of work. When responding to her customer's request, Daisy sees that she's already sent the product brochure, so she knows exactly which technical specs to share Daisy sees that she has an intro meeting with Inna coming up This is their first meeting and they haven't communicated much in the past. But Daisy can also see that some of her coworkers have strong relationships with Inna and others from ReleCloud. 

And with LinkedIn Connected, she gets even more relationship insights. Daisy starts a chat with Serena who spoke with Inna last Thursday. Instead of copying information from her CRM over into her Team's chat, she simply shares Inna's contact details and her account info is all right there. 

The data on Inna is live and can be updated from Teams. Serena gives Daisy some tips on how to move the deal forward. Both Daisy and Serena can collaborate on deals seamlessly without losing context Daisy joins the meeting with Inna well prepared and throughout the call, Viva Sales helps her be even more effective. She can see all her relevant customer info right there in Microsoft Teams, and she can easily access her notes from her chat with Serena. 

Real time conversation insights help guide Daisy during the call. Daisy stays focused on her conversation with Inna because she doesn't need to take notes Microsoft Viva Sales summarizes her conversation automatically and creates a list of action items that were mentioned in the call, saving her the time and busywork of manually logging what was discussed. 

She can easily follow up on the action items, and she can use the summary to quickly capture what was discussed, understand the overall sentiment from her recent call, and track helpful conversation KPIs such as her talk to listen ratio to become an even better seller CRM tools can be too rigid to create and manage customer lists. To stay productive, many sellers like Daisy turn to tools like Excel but this creates yet another data silo. 

When Daisy accesses her full customer list with Microsoft Viva Sales, she can see all her customer interactions from Outlook, Teams and her CRM data. She can customize, analyze and set everything up exactly the way she wants Everything is up to date in one place, automatically, and Daisy can view a rich summary of her call with Inna. 

Daisy's CRM is updated with all her customer interactions and opportunity data without her having to enter anything manually. Daisy's manager can stay on top of revenue projections and pipeline health in the CRM, knowing she has the most up to date and complete data. By removing all this overhead, the entire sales team can focus more on building trust and loyalty with customers and closing deals.